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How we spent a Friday morning with Turnbuckle

I was asked to be a last minute Q at Diesel and this was only my second time Qing and both have come in the past several weeks. I am still going through some growing pains being a Q…but with time and getting more experience under my belt, I will eventually get there.


Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Nightclubs. Called out a person to lead each warm up.


The Thang:

Gathered into a group and did Squats, Bent Over Rows, Overhead Press, Curls and Kettlebell Swings while the timer person completed 25 reps of Merkins, Speed Skaters, Plank Jacks and Step Ups on the Five Stones Fire Pit.

Once completed we did another round of these exercises in a group circle.

We then walked around the parking lot and around Mount Chiseled holding the coupon above our head. Stopped at different light fixtures and completed reps with coupons.

Returned to COT and was short on my weinke so we went around in a circle and everyone chose an exercise for the group to complete.



Thanks to Penalty Box for introducing us to a new Canadian workout. Everyone put in hard work as usual. Proud to see Mayhem stepping up his game in F3. We missed two of our regulars Brutus (who was home nursing a sore back) and Centerfold (who was on vacation).



Save the date: Turnbuckle and Rudy are organizing the next blood drive on Saturday, October 17th (9am to 1:30pm). Location to be determined.


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