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The Run of Pain

(Pre-Disclaimer:  Speed Bump’s typing skills are developing so he wrote his back blast and I am typing it up for him.  Also, the workout was 100% designed by him and this is after his original plan was not working out last night and he had to create something new.)

Today was my first official Q.

For today I made a wheel of unfortunate pain with 8 different exercises.

I cut out and made a wheel, colored it, and labeled it with exercises.

When I tested it yesterday it was off balance and landed on “triceps extensions x 10” every time.

I didn’t think that would go over very well so I made a new plan last night.

Don’t worry, my wheel of unfortunate pain will be there for my next Q.

The stars were out, moon was full and bright, and great weather this morning.

There were 23 this morning.  Most were for Chiseled, some were for MASH.


DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety) about 90 second before 5:30.


Mosey to the cinderblocks for those who needed one, mosey back to start


  • Mosey around Mt. Chiseled and back to start
  • Side Straddle Hop x 10 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
  • Moroccan night clubs x 10 IC
  • Merkins x 10 on my down
  • Calf Stretch x 15 seconds, flapjack

The Thang:

  • Tell everyone to spread out along the back curb
    • Start with 5 curls, run to 1st island
    • 10 curls, run to 2nd island
    • 15 curls, run to 3rd island
    • 20 curls, run to 4th island
    • 25 curls, run to 5th island
    • Pick up the six when you are done
  • Repeat with
    • 5 bench press, run to 1st island
    • 10 bench press, run to 2nd island
    • 15 bench press, run to 3rd island
    • 20 bench press, run to 4th island
    • 25 bench press, run to 5th island
  • Plank til the six come back
  • Repeat with
    • 5 dips, run to 1st island
    • 10 dips, run to 2nd island
    • 15 dips, run to 3rd island
    • 20 dips, run to 4th island
    • 25 dips, run to 5th island
  • Burpees with a jump over your block while you wait for the six
  • Speedbump Ab Web
    • LBCs x 5 in cadence / Heels to Heave x 5 in cadence
    • LBCs x 10 in cadence / Heels to Heave x 10 in cadence
    • LBCs x 15 in cadence / Heels to Heave x 15 in cadence
    • LBCs x 20 in cadence / Heels to Heave x 20 in cadence

Mosey back to Start




Good job Glidah and Deadwood.  I gave the chain of pain to Glidah

I like F3 because it is fun and all the guys are funny.  I also like F3 because I just like to workout.

I like to go to F3 because I like to hang out with other people and most of all the F3 guys are the best of all to hang out with.

That is all for Speedbump’s first Q

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