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What…..No Running?!?!

No Moseying…..DICC’s given and let’s begin.

Warm up

20 x SSH

20 imperial walkers

Various stretches for the “respects”

The Thang

Tabata style workout.  Do each exercise for 45 seconds with 10 second break in between.  Rinse and repeat x 6 rounds.  Here are the original exercises we did but It got to repetitive after 3 rounds, so I started adding different exercises. We also did dips, merkins, flutters, skull crushers.

Exercise 1 Curls

Exercise 2: overhead press

Exercise 3: squats

Exercise 4: bench press

Exercise 5: 1 arm rows

Exercise 6: coupon swings

Exercise 7: elbow plant

Next we did a 10-1 ladders.  Start with 10 of each exercise.  Burpees, big Boi’s, merkins, squats.  Then do 9 of each, 8 of each…ect… until you get to 1 of each.


The Moleskin

First time Q’ing Diesel was a success!  Thanks guys for letting me lead.  I hope I made it worth your while to wake up that early.  And based on the Q’s that are lined up below in the announcements, tomorrow might be a good day to take off.


  • Chastain on Q at Homecoming tomorrow
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