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Hurpees Never Killed Anyone….

Woke up yesterday because of how long this journey would take. Googled how to use a compass and a map since no way in this part of SC would my cell phone work. Started my drive early as hell and then directions wanted me to turn on this really shady road and my gut instincts said “nice try, not today!”

Kept straight and finally hit 521. I was greeted with a beautiful entry way and noticed the fire station at the opening. I winked at it with the intention of saying “see you soon!” Drove my route to ensure it was worth of a solid beat down and we were ready.

Semi DiCCS given. Mention of circling back for the 6 as often as possible. Let’s moseyyyyyyyyy…..


Long mosey to the End of Walnut Creek Parkway. Line up across the fire station lot.

1. 20ish x SSH IC (at this time I continued with the safety portion of the DiCCS)

2. 20 x Imperial Walker IC

3. 10 x Morroccan Night Club IC (this is when Transporter mentioned that I skipped Merkins and maybe that was a sign of things to come. Correct.)

4. 20 x Deep Slow Squats I

5. Calf Stretch

6. Upward dog

7. Deep Butt Stretch Thingy

8. 20 x Mountain Climbers (thanks to I think Transporter who counted this out while I adjusted my socks due to them falling off of my heel. I knew we would be running a lot so….)

Longish mosey to large lot at the tennis courts. Line up across the stretch for the always dreadful but important demon, Mike Crawl. That’s right, starting at 1 x MT and 4 x BCs up to 10 and 40. We got through it and it was an homage to my man Chicken Little for making the journey.

Mosey towards the traffic circle and make a R at Baldwin Dr. Alternating Speedskaters & Monkey Humpers at street lights until you hit Fenwick. Circle back for the 6.

Partner up with someone you never have before. Run opposite directions. When you meet 5 x hurpees. Complete 4 times.

Find some sidewalk. 1 x Big boy sit-ups. 4 x “something ab related”. Everyone took turns on the ab related portion and Shop Dog is an a$$hole for calling 40 x Mike Tyson’s after the morning we had. Well done men.

Mosey back to COT. 1 minute late.


Thanks Carb Load for asking me to Q my 49th time, great site with a lot of potential. Turns out we went to two parts of the “area” they haven’t covered yet. I guess it pays to not visit a site ahead of time and I also hate wet grass and fire ants. So no on-field action for me.

It was a great morning and thanks to everyone working hard. We covered ground with Transporter getting up over 4mi but everyone got at least 3. We kept it moving the whole time and we are all better for it.

Shout out to Sugar Daddy for jumping into this thing head on. Him and quite a few others lately (Surge comes to mind) are posting more than some of our regulars. SD is a respect and still out front whooping tail. Well done sir.

Great reminder to keep asking friends, family and strangers. Don’t back off. Tell them when you want to them to go, don’t ask when they are ready. Don’t make it a yes or no, make it a “I can’t do Tuesday but I can due Wednesday” position. #ABAC

Thank you Transporter for taking us out!


• Upcoming blood Drive that TB is leading on Oct 17th. Sign ups coming soon.

• Next Thursday, 2nd F happy hour starting at 730pm @ Lawson’s back pool

• Next Saturday, family friendly Olde Mecklenburg Brewing gathering. See Shop Dog for more details

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