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Let’s Get Famous

10 guys at Commitment with a teaser of a local news guy getting some film of us for a video blog.  Apparently chickens don’t like being on video as our resident chicken scurries over the boarder to Black Hawk.   No Mashers so Turn Buckle joined us.  FNG present so made sure to give the full DICCS at 6:29.  6:30 lets role.



Mosey around parking lot, towards the school, and back down to the circle for a game of would you rather.  Would you rather……

  • Do a ladder of deconstructed burpees or…
  • Do 50 Merkins and 100 mountain climbers

Much to my surprise, two pax quickly spoke up and said they would rather do Merkins and Mountain Climbers.

Broken in to 5 sets of 10 Merkins and 20 Mountain Climbers.  Variation of Merkins along the way.

Quick Jimmy Duggan round to catch my breath loosen up the Hammy’s.  And were off.



Yo Yo Mosey to the bridge and back circling behind the 6 and returning to the bridge (thus the yo yo part).

Lunge Walk Bridge then Yo Yo mosey to Mill Bridge Pool and Back.

Squats at bottom of pool hill while one at a time takes turn backwards running up the hill and then doing squats in the parking lot.  That was fun….lets do it some more.  Head to the hill behind the playground for 5 sets of 5 burpees at bottom of hill, backwards run, and 10 squats up top…..Audible…Hill too wet.

Meet back in the Parking lot for Four Corner Suicides.  On the out, 10 Merkins.  On the back, Four count of Jump Lunge, Jump Squat, Jump Lunge, Jump Squat (thats 1).  Do this 5 times.   This proved to be a cardio killer for me.   Shout out to Sprinkles and Tanyatine for killing it here.

Grab a parking spot and Inch Worm Dry Docks from curb to curb.

Recover with 50 overhead claps

Two lines for Indian Runs past the covered bridge to the first road (Gazelles struggled with where to go here).

Partner up for leap frogs.  P1 Reverse Walking Lunges with P2 runs to mailbox.  P1 then “leap frogs” and runs to next mailbox.  Continue for about 1/4 mile.  Return for the 6.  Quick 10 count…nope, too slow lets go.

Grab a lifting rock for 11’s.  10 overhead press and 1 overhead hold.  Down to 1 press and 10 holds.  Had to stop halfway as my rock was rather large (thats what she said).  Rocks up and mosey to Elementary School.

In a square, Slow mosey one side, fast mosey 2nd side, sprint third side, and recover/walk the last side of the square.  We did this four times (apologies to those that actually believed me when I said we would only do it 3 times).

Back to the Rock Pile grabbing your same Rock for slow four count curls.  We did 20, 15, another 15 (who knows, I just did it until it burned).  Mad Dog giving me a hard time about my counting not matching my curling.  Touche.  I was worn out – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Watch check, about 3 minutes to kill.  Finish with 5 more curls, 15 tricep extensions.  Another 15 ticep extensions followed by curb dips.   How many curb dips?  Well that’s a point of debate.  In an effort to get a little Gazelle Clydesdale competition, I said we would go until the fastest guy got 50 dips or our slowest guy got 30 dips.  Sprinkles hit 50 around the time I was at 35…looks like we are stopping.

Less than a Minute, lets Jail Break and return for the 6.  Brick asks what a jail break is – “Imagine you broke out of jail and are running from the cops…Run that fast”.   Brick “But I don’t want to run from the Cops, I’d rather just wait for them to catch me”.   Haha, ok.

Everyone reached COT right before we turned over to 7:31…lets call it 7:30:58.



  • Great effort by everyone today.  Depending on how much you circled for the 6, we got somewhere between 3.5 and 3.8 miles.
  • A couple audibles on the winkie due to conditions.  Last time I tried that hill it was icy.  Apparently there is never a good time to hit it.
  • Turnbuckle pushed hard today.  He was going to Mash but apparently Masher’s take Saturday off so he reluctantly joined us.  He tried to wiggle out saying he would just walk but I wouldn’t let him.  He hung with us all morning on a very heavy run workout (at least for me it was).
  • Thanks to Mad Dog for hanging back and helping.
  • Drive By with a grin when Mad Dog called me out on my curl counting.  I “helped” him post VQ with his counting struggles so I’m sure he enjoyed seeing the teacher being scolded.
  • Sprinkles and Tanyatine killed it all morning.  Consistently out front.
  • Deep Dish brought out his son. We went with the lay up and called him Thin Crust.  Thin Crust is a junior at UNC Charlotte studying finance and a myriad of other things in hopes to work with a commercial developer one day.
  • Brick pushed hard for workout number 2.  Somehow he was able to dry off his hands enough to get a few video’s and pictures in of us.
  • Thanks to J-Woww for the invite to Q.  I’m wore out.
  • Nice dual coffeteria after the workout with Blackhawk going to 6:30 they were able to join us (I didn’t realize they jumped to 6:30).  I’m pretty sure we will end up on the What’s Up Waxhaw page at some point today giving a Karen something to complain about.   (How dare we sit outside and drink coffee).   It was good to get a larger group together though (Don’t worry, we were under 25).



  • Cuthbertson Rd clean up today.  Meet at dentist office near Walmart at….well now.
  • Blood Drive planning coming together.  Location secured this morning at the American Legion on 75 in Waxhaw.
  • Surge leading the charge for CPR certification.  Look for more info on that (we had no one today at Commitment CPR certified…yikes).
  • Its Saturday….go spend time with the fam.  I’m out!
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