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We’re not lost, we’re exploring

I’d like to start off by thanking Posse for so excellently demonstrating the effects of marketing (or the lack of).  5 of us got the DiCCS and took off for a morning of fun.


Short mosey to the blacktop and circle up

  • SSH – 20 IC
  • I asked Recalc for an “old man” stretch which wound up being kind of like half a Windmill – I was trying to bait him into doing the next exercise which was
  • Imperial Walkers – 15 IC – Recalc doesn’t believe there’s value in these and does his REAL old man stretch during this time. One day I’ll get him…
  • Calf Stretches

The Thang

Partner up (2 in one group, 3 in the other) on the sidewalk next to the benches

  • P1 runs from one curb to the other continually while…
  • P2 (and P3) each do 25 Merkins, Squats, or Big Boy Sit-ups – your choice, any combination that adds to 25
  • Rotate these exercises until each PAX has done 3 rounds
  • Switch the exercises to Derkins, Step-Ups, or Dips
  • Rotate for 3 more rounds

Mosey around the school to the bus lot. Cones set up at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards

Run to the 1st cone and do 25 Merkins then back to the start. Run to the second cone for 50 Pogos then back to the start. 3rd cone = 75 Mountain Climbers. 4th cone = 100 SSHs

Heart rates are high so rather than immediately going into a long mosey as I’d originally intended I audibled to some Mary with assistance from each PAX in coming up with exercises: American Hammers, V-Ups, Box Cutters, and Flutters

Now another short mosey to the rock piles. Grab a lifting rock and head to your very own parking space

  • 10 Curls on my up – drop your rock and run to the opposite curb and back
  • 10 Curls, 10 Tricep Extensions – run
  • 10 Curls, 10 Tricep Extensions, 10 Shoulder Presses – run
  • 10 Curls, 10 Tricep Extensinos, 10 Shoulder Presses, 10 Chest Presses (on your back) – run
  • Zombie walk your rock back to the pile

Long mosey to the previously unexplored cross country trail and take a left towards the high school practice fields. Note the sign that says we can’t go ON the field but says nothing about running up and down the hill adjacent to the field. Toe the line!

Now that we’re here (in the slightly tall, very wet grass) we did a little 7s action with Jump Squats at the bottom and Bobby Hurleys at the top. YHC said Jump Squats, but it wasn’t until now that I’m typing this up that I realize I meant Bomb Jacks, which is what I did while everyone else probably listened to what I said and did Jump Squats. Oh well.

Mosey back to the entrance of cross country trail and did rounds 1 through 5 of Captain Therkin (1 Big Boy, 4 American Hammers, 2 Merkins all the way up to 5 Big Boys, 20 AH, and 2 Merkins)

More moseying to the middle school side of the campus for some combo work. 4 Lunge Walks, 10 Bear Crawls, and 2 Broad Jumps. Repeato from one end of the parking lot to the other and then back.

One final mosey back to COT and finish the final 3 minutes with an upwards ladder of 1 Burpee, 1 Big Boy, 1 Merkin, and 1 Squat. Repeato, incrementing each exercise by 1 until we ran out of time somewhere around round 4.


Sad to say none of it counted as for some reason my watch won’t sync this morning’s workout with Strava. As we all know, “Strava or it didn’t happen”. It’s really a bummer as the PAX got over 3 miles in and made good use of the campus, but alas, we’ll all just have to work twice as hard on Monday.

This was Dementia’s first workout. Apparently he went to a 2nd F event and got his name there. Posse was kind enough to bring him out to a Saturday workout where he learned that they’re 60 minute. Next time he said he’d be ready. He did fine today. The hardest part is showing up.

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