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Burnt Ends

Working on my VQ for Ignition was not fun.  How could I get the required 4+ miles in with still being within shouting distance of the Gazelles – leading from the back.  I knew I had to get off campus to cover some initial miles, but then what?  You can’t slow these guys down, you can only hope to contain them.

Start with a mosey to Lawson West and head to bottom of Pinewalk Dr. for various old man stretches, SSH and Merkins.

The Thang –

7’s up/down Pinewalk. Big Boys top and Tysons at bottom – here’s the first ankle weight.  At the two driveways up the hill you must broad jump them. (tactic #1 to slow these guys down) – I didn’t work to well as I still end of the line. Kudos to Bottlecap for EXCELLENT form on the broad jumps – all others looked like peter rabbit

Mosey to top of Great Road – 5 Merkins at each driveway on the left/5 Knee Slaps for driveways on the right.  (tactic #2 – break up the running—fail)

Mosey back to campus and stop at entrance.  Introduced “Burnt Ends” – Idea was to tire out the runners with some longer routines (fail#3- I’m still last)

At entrance 10 Bobby Hurleys/10 Mountain Climbers+15 BH’s, 15 Mnt+20 BH,15 Mtn

Mosey to High School Benches – 10 Step ups,10 Derkins+15 step ups, 15 Derkins,+20 Step ups, 20 Derkins

Mosey to Middle School Lunch Tables – 10 dips,10 knee slaps+15 dips,15 Knee Slaps, 20 dips,20 Knee slaps.  I finished up and much to my surprise Glidah was still with me.. and he was looking to throw a form flag – Called some of the dips he saw as Little Baby Dips – LBD

Back to the High School for the final Burnt End – 10 Tysons, 10 Donkey Kicks+15 Tysons,15 Donkey Kicks+20 Tysons,20 Donkey Kicks.  This was a smoker and had some (Bottlecap) Reminiscing (Little River Band) about the days when The Amrap started off with 20 Tysons…ah those were the days when we’d go dancing in the dark, walking through the park And reminiscing…

Head to the Middle School Bus Portico for a bear crawl – special note – Ice9 HATES Bear Crawls – he let me know in the 8 years with F3 – He’s never called a bear crawl on his Q (stash this away boys).

3.85 on some newbie Garmin watechs… still need to hit 4… Mosey to COT – circle around lot…4

So for all my “stall ball” dribble out the clock, four corners… nothing I did could slow the Gazelles down – frustrating; but fun to lead from the back of the pack.

It was good to see LRC converging with Waxhaw F3 – Nice work Smithers and Foundation

The vertically challenged crew of speedsters – Dasher, Tool Time, Glidah, Hollywood, Sprinkles and Ice9

Glad to see the 6 Foot+ represent – Gerber and Bottlecap.  #tallerTakeLonger

and Special Thanks to Premature – I know he wants to go faster but was pulling me along with encouragement.

Announcements/COT – See Flash – I was day dreaming at this point.




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