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The Serpentine of Doom Abdul

12 Pax joined YHC for a little homage to Delta this morning.

The Thang:

Quick Mosey around the outer perimeter of the Target block.

Warm up –

  • Side Straddle
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Merkins
  • Calf Stretch
  • Upward Dog
  • Downward Dog

The main event today was a little Delta specialty, not often used, the Serpentine of Doom.  My goal though was to try to get 3 miles in without leaving the parking lot.  So I added a little Paula Abdul to the mix.  Grab a partner.  Start in one far corner of the parking lot.  One partner does the exercise while the other runs to the next island and back, to collect their partner.  Both partners then advance to the next island, where the partner who ran first, does the requisite exercise.  Three islands or exercise points for each lane, multiplied by 9 or 10 lanes.  At one end the Pax perform 10 Side straddles and then Bear Crawl the length of the island, then its 10 more Side Straddles.  The middle island in the lane was Merkins and the other end was Burpees separated by the Bear Crawl.

I mean look no matter how simple the directions or plan, or the number of degrees and advance degrees, you just can’t make it simple enough. Today was no exception.  There was confusion everywhere.

At the end we started back and did the parking lot in reverse with a few different exercises to change things up.  This time we left Paula behind and it was OYO.  I think Goodfella may have been the only one to make it all the way through.


First of all it was great to see Radar back out. We had a couple of Mashers, which is always great.  Radar’s Mom was just diagnosed with cancer and needs your prayers.  Sugar Daddy’s parents were just diagnosed with Covid.  I know there was one more but its eluding me.  Prayers for all of those as well as the forgotten and unspoken.  Blood 🩸 drive in October was mentioned, the need to grab the trash on Cutty (which Dancing Bear did solo) and then stick around for QSource.

Posse led QSource and did a great job talking about vision in leadership.  There was great discussion all around.  Make sure you get out to QSource and develop your skills, so you raise your own self-imposed lid on your personal leadership.

Cradle to grave….I prayed us out.


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