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Pick ‘Em…Pick ‘Em…Pick ‘Em

34 PAX rolled in this morning and broke out into 3 groups  – 17 Pax for Watchtower, 5 for MASH, and 12 for Waxhaw Express.  When pulling up you had 3 choices:

  1. Slinging blocks with Centerfold Mayhem and others at MASH
  2. Showing off your ET body (pic below for visual) with Waxhaw Express
  3. Joining Watchtower for a YHC well planned Q

If you chose option 3 here is recap of what happened.


  • Mosey to front of school buses and circle up
  • SSH
  • Jimmy Dugans
  • Merkins
  • Calf Stretch


Mosey to neighborhood and start with first cul de sac with start of 7’s – 6 Carolina Dry Docks bottom hill and 1 Heels to Heaven Top.  Continue until YHC got bored and audibled about 1/2 way through.

At top waiting on 6 did some extra Mary.  Once all are in do few variations of merkins – regular merkins, staggered arm merkins, wide arm merkins.

As group walk brought back a new LRC favorite provided by Heisman – Over Hand Claps, Seal Claps, Pick Cherries (Pick ’em….Pick ’em…), Drop ’em in bucket.  Once at next intersection split into 4 groups.

Group 1 and 2 run alternate ways around small loop while doing Indian run.  When ever you cross another group, each group does 10 x Bobby Hurley.  Groups 3 and 4 start with 10 x Bobby Hurley and then chase Group 1 and 2.   Complete 2 laps and meet at start.

At Start do some more Mary with some boat/canoes worked in.  Mosey back to first cul de sac and another round of over hand claps, seal claps, cherry pick ’em, and drop ’em in bucket.

Mosey as group back towards school in front of flag.  Back in our 4 groups spread out on driveway.  Group 1 do burpee Indian run lap, Group 2-4 do various ab exercises until Group 1 return, Group 2 goes and remainder do various leg exercises, Group 3 goes, remainder do various chest/shoulder exercises, Group 4 goes and remainder do various ab exercises.  1:30 left, jail break to COT



  •  Freed to Bleed Part Deux being setup by Turnbuckle/Rudy tentatively set for October 17th.  More details to come.  Can anyone dethrone Loafer as quickest bleeder?  Note: SOB/UC Pax are setting up their own drive to try and dethrone F3 Waxhaw for most pints collected.  Be ready to raise the bar even further with our 2nd go.
  • F3 Waxhaw Conversary scheduled for 9/7.  Will have multiple 1st F options for pax to choose from and plenty of 2nd and 3rd F opportunities.  If you want to reminisce or see what to expect feel free to read the backblast from last year Launchvergance!  –>
  • CPR Training being planned by Turnbuckle/Surge working to secure date/site but be ready to sign up and earn your free chapstick badge.


  • Smithers was concerned when YHC mentioned Indian runs and began to twitch thinking back to few weeks ago when we did various Indian runs and he ended up in 2 man group with Ice9 and got to hear the dry heave up close and personal
  • Fusebox made sure to increase awkwardness by insisting on eye to eye contact during squats, not sure if just wanted to see into YHC soul or ensure that I practiced proper form and completed full squat.  I think I got him though as he saw neither.
  • Sledge-O-Matic earning the “Pain Chain” for push during Indian runs today.  Straight up pushing through and digging deep
  • Once called for Cherry Pick ’em and Drop ’em in bucket instant flash back to some to Heisman Q.  Speaking of which ever since he Q’d Flash he has taken social distancing to an extreme and been MIA. We need you back out there for some more David Goggin  Yogi Berra type insprational quotes
  • Posse played the role of Elliot as he appeared to start with Watchtower but decided to chase after the ET bodies of Waxhaw Express for additional mileage
  • Got to watch Chastain run and it is like watching a kid navigate a rolling racer flying turtle (pic below for visual).  His arms go side to side vs. straight in line to pick up speed.  Next time he speeds by you, tell me I am wrong.


The Grownups Who Never Saw 'E.T.' Because E.T. Freaked Them Out  zoomed image

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