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Tee-Time in the Dark

It was a dark overcast morning with fog lifting off the course just in time for the 10 PAX to stretch out before their 5:30 Tee-time. We were all waiting……and waiting…….we waited as long as we could for Big Ben, who typically rolls up just in time join the warmup mosey. But we didn’t see the large SUV come barreling and screeching in on its passenger wheels, so we headed out.


  • Slightly longer Mosey
  • SSH 18 IC
  • IW 18 IC
  • Calf Stretch S  L  O  W    10    C  O  U  N  T
  • Downward dog—-into 9 Dry Docks, why not?
  • Upward Dog
  • Freddy Mercuries 18 IC

The Thang: Headed to the half wall, but we couldn’t find our ball due to it being dark so we had to Audible a bit for safety reasons.

  • Dips 36
  • BoxJump 18 Step Ups 18 2=1
  • Derkin 18
  • Repeat

Mosey to Turkey Hunt culdesac:

Start with 5 Burpees, Half way 9 Merkins at end do 36 LBC’s. Come back do 9 merkins half way then repeat once more and ending with 5 more burpees.

Left Turkey Hunt on way to the school trail. At the 4 houses alternate 18 squats and 18 dry docks. We hit the trail to the Back 9, thank god the gates were open this time, but took a little detour to the maintenance area to make sure the structures were sturdy and in working order before the kiddos use them next week. We tested most by each doing 10 pull-ups. All was good to go…

Finally hit the favorite coupon book for a little team work. Grab your favorite coupon from the pile, Partner one runs the back nine, partner 2 does the lifting, then switch till finished.

  • 150 Curls
  • 50 Hernias  V-UP with coupon
  • 150 tri-ext
  • 150 choice presses (chest/shoulder)

Perfect timing with a minute left to head back to the clubhouse..


We had a great group today, the 6 stayed with the bulk of the crew the whole way, we were able to actually expand on the original Thang and add a few additional holes to push us further. While we didn’t need a first aid kit, we did have a Pax do his best Peter Griffin imitation as he bumped his knee with a coupon during Hernias. EEEEHHH—AHHHH, EEEEHHH—AHHHH  Cough..Dana..Cough..


Carb Load’s Daughter has her Bat-mitzvah this week. She can’t have a party unfortunately, so if you have time later in the week to roll by and honk your horn, it would be appreciated. CL will have to give more detailed info on that.

Blood drive in October

1 year in Sept


2 Q’s this week! see you at the Body Shop Thursday morning at Rea View Elementary..

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