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Mechanic or Car’d’ dealer, hopefully they don’t screw up.

For the second time this week, QIC had to scramble last minute to get a weinke ready to go. Rolled in a little worried as there were just a couple pax, but as the garage doors were just about to open, cars started rolling in for some work..


Mosey to the main lot: SSH, Peter Parker, IW all x15 IC

then a little stretching: Runner Stretch, Up/Down Dog, Calf and Lunge


Pulled out the Card deck while the mechanics(mashers) were working since we had some time. Pick a card, any card….what do you know, the 7 of Diamonds it is… Use the the lot with 4 corners like a diamond (more like a Rhombus) 7 laps, 7 exercises multiples of 7 on each corner…

Lap, wait for six then go to the next lap

  1. 7 Tysons burpees x4  corners=28
  2. 14 Speed skaters x4=56
  3. 21 Merkins x4=84 -not a lot of happy campers
  4. 28 LBC’s x4 =112
  5. 21 Speed skaters= 84 (audible as another 84 Merkins did not sit well)
  6. 14 Merkins x4 =56
  7.  7 Tysons Burpees=28

Apologies to the Pax, second look at the Weinke and the Burpees were supposed to be Mike Tysons…..”Now you tell us??!?” was definitely uttered.. Whoops!

The shop was running a little behind schedule, Surprise, so we took a few shortcuts.  Moseyed around shop to the small track with about 5 minutes to go. So we literally hung around the bars for some tr-action then 10 pullups, side shuffle a lap, 10 more pullups and H2H for the 6.

Head back to COT and the mechanics.


Had no idea how long the diamonds would take, but the Pax took it in stride. Was a bit painful, but full workout. More mashers were there than when we started, so that was good to see. Apologies on the Burpees over Tysons.. Really I am!

Centerfold received the Chain o Pain Mash award as he was back from his trip.


IPax Challange- We learned Centerfold may or may not have thrown up last year!!!

Blood drive-Oct

Q source At cuthbertson 6:30 Friday

1 Year Anny sept 7


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