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Swarm – Don’t be scared

5 men decided that 15 minutes extra sucks is a good way to head into the weekend.


  • We are going to be holding an “Impromptu” graduation ceremony soon
  • Some of you 45 minute guys need to listen to Glidah’s backblast (read this:
  • Take an uncomfortable step and join Swarm or Ignition next week
  • The workout is not really any harder physically . . . But you will learn that mentally, you will have a new challenge to overcome and it feels GOOD at the 61 minute mark
  • Premature is apparently blind at morning workouts so please hold his hand
  • SCUBA Steve CRUSHED us last night at ClyentDinner with his VQ
    • Dasher, Zin, and Easy were all there and we were feeling the effects this morning
  • Easy Button is getting faster . . . out in front all day
  • Zinfandel LOVES Diamond Mike Tysons
  • Dasher doesn’t care to know how to fix a flat tire


  • Indian Run to COP
  • Warmup stuff
  • Burpee Indian Run to COT
  • Monkey Humpers as Surge was whipping out his DCCS for the first time . . . But he focused until he finished
  • Tire Changers with plates
  • Hill work with plates
  • Hair Burners around the entire parking lot
  • Laps in front of middle school
  • Foot Burners across parking lot (feet on plate and walk with hands)
  • Ab stuff
  • Curls
  • Sprints
  • Stairway Tyson Webb


  • Check Surge’s backblast
  • Open Door
  • Labor Day Launch-Anniversary


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