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VQ…rain ray stay away

23 men arrived for Impromtu…the forecasters promised rain but it didn’t rain which was awesome (so I didn’t have to modify).

Warm Up

There was a mention of Driftwood and his warm up runs…maybe a little similar but definitely not the same pace.

SLOW jog behind CMS, past buses to front of CMS

Circles up to do:

20 side straddle hop
20 imperial walkers
Plank, then 6”, back to plank
20 mounts climbers
Calf stretch, flapjack
20 shoulder touches

The Thang

Mosey to picnic tables behind HS
Partner up. One does dips/squats, other runs around circle, 2 runs each. Then one does merkins/step ups, other runs around circle, 2 runs each.  Total of 4 runs around circle for each person.

Then mosey to large parking lot, 4 corners
20 heels to heaven
20 plank jacks
20 American hammers
20 Derkins
2 burpees in middle between exercises, Repeat until the 5 min warning

Head back to COT


Thanks to all for all of the support in helping before and showing up this morning for my VQ.


F3 dads on Saturday, 8/15 @ Newtown, 9am

Open Door – 3 meetings, 2 zoom, one live Sun 7:30am at 5 stones

F3 Waxhaw 1 year anniversary celebrated on 9/7 @ Cuthbertson school 0630 hrs.  We will have a choice of 3 exercises:

  1. Mash
  2. Boot camp
  3. 5K race
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