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It’s Good To Be Home

Commitment @ Weddington HS was my first post almost 3 years ago.  I can’t tell you the exact time but I’m pretty sure it was in September.  Unlike most pax, I brought myself to F3.  Snowflake was the Q that day and it was just hard enough of a beat down to want me to come back for more.  Unfortunately Doc McStuffins was my second Q and he almost broke me…but I digress….

Saturday workouts was where I met my fellow Clydesdale bretheren of Posse, Popeye, Run Flat, Finch, Dough Boy, Jingles and a host of other good dudes.  Its where I also learned to hate seeing certain gazelle names on Q (Transporter, Hollywood, Doc, and Dasher just to name a few).  The call came from Posse during a Q Swap conversation that he would finally allow me to come out to lead (after several pokes and hints that I had never Q’ed there and would love to).

I had a great plan in the works for months, but it was tamped down when Posse told me the gate by the bricks had been locked for some time.  I arrive early and decide to dart down the gravel path in hopes that someone forgot to lock the gate, and much to my delight, I see it wide open.  Much like a kid in a candy store, I’m beaming with delight as I text Posse “Gates Open!” with a huge gif grin.  Posse arrives and we start worrying that it may be all for not.  Its just he and I in the parking lot with 5 minutes to go….then the cavalry arrives…car after car starts streaming in.  Wait, is that Yella?!  Heck yeah!  Wait, if Yellah is here then Radar must be coming (because apparently neither can post without the other one?!).  Yup, here comes Radar!  SANTA! for those that were lucky enough to be there at the original watchtower that crisp winter day before Christmas for his VQ.

Alright, enough reminiscing, DiCCS given, lets go.



Run up the hill to the top of the street.

  • Jimmy Duggans
  • Downward Dog
  • Calf Stretch

Mosey back down to the front entrance parking lot.



Paula Abduls (Sorry Posse and Chastain who got round two of these from yesterday).  I changed it up slightly with 10 Merkins forward, 10 In/Outs backwards up to 50 total for less bear crawls.  Apparently Chastain would rather do less reps and more bear crawls to get to 50.  I got to 40 and saw almost everyone on their knees and Chastain chirping in my ear that this sucks so I decided that was enough.

Mosey by the football fields (Posse chirping that this would be the last homecoming since I was going to get us thrown off campus) towards the practice fields only to find the gate lock.  Posse jumped in with “I thought you scouted and said the gates were open”.  No, I said THE gate was open.  Had no idea they closed off the practice field too.  What the hell?  Audible to a longer run to a different cross country trail that would get us to where we needed.  Pop out by the High School parking lot.  Stop along the way for collector squats to allow the 6 to catch up.  Posse starts giving me a hard time that this is basically a ten count.  (I will use that against him later).

On Monday Mad Dog did a tip of the hat to OG Delta and his serpentine of Doom.  I decided to one up him and take the pax back to the original serpentine of Doom.   Alternating 10 dry docks and 10 in/outs at every speed bump.  I “think” there were 10 speed bumps.  It might have been 8.

We ended up down by the rock pile (but can you really call it a rock pile when there is 100 yards worth of rocks).  Pick out a heavy lifting rock for 20 curls.  Rocks down, run 50 yards to other staircase where we picked up another rock for 20 overhead presses (where apparently I wasn’t getting my rock down low enough according to posse? – are you catching a theme here?  Posse was a gnat in my ear all morning).  I then advised the pax that that was just practice, and we would repeat that set of 20 curls, run, 20 presses 3 times.  Chastain protested that we had already done a round.  Damn, am I going to have 2 gnats today?  Overruled.  3 rounds + practice round = 80 curls and 80 presses.  Rocks up.  By the way, this was a tip of the cap to a Dough Boy workout there about 2 years ago that included a lot more curls than 80 with runs in between and left my biceps sore for a week.

Mosey to benches under the cover by the buses.  Posse already knows whats coming as he calls it “My specialty” and starts complaining.  Partner up.  P1 does up and overs on the benches.  P2 runs the bus loop.  Do that 2 rounds.

While we are there – 50 dips (More chirping from Posse).

Run to the front of the school and grab curb for 50 toe taps.  Take in all that is the original Commitment COT.  The air really feels fresher right there.  Ok, back to the workout…

Mosey down to the side of the high school for 50 more toe taps.  Then off through the cross country trail, over the creek, and up to the brick pile.  I ask Posse for a collector 10 count and you would think I just told him I backed his car into a river – with the windows open.  Chastain saved him and suggested squats and started counting them.

Over at the bricks, the chirping continued when I found we had two options on bricks – one that was too small (roughly 5 lbs) and one that was too big (roughly 15 lbs).  Of course Posse had something to say.  Grab the small brick for 25 rear flies, 25 tricep kick backs.  Repeat those two again.  Bricks down, pick up the big bricks for 25 Rows.  Had thought we may do some more presses here but a lady walking her dog spooked me….that and I wasn’t sure how much longer it would take us to get back.

Mosey to back of the baseball fields where the gravel road starts (confirm gate is still open).  Ask pax “Would you rather do something that is really going to suck.  Like, your going to hate me for making you do it and hate yourselves for choosing it….or run back to COT for Mary exercises.  Posse – “The sucky one”.  Anyone else?  Please!  Radar what do you want?  Radar – “I guess the one that sucks?”.  Damn it.  Ok.  Run down the hill and back up around each tree.  There are 7 trees.  Lets go.  I slip going down the first time and decide this is stupid and someone is going to get hurt.  Audible.  Run to the gate, collector squats.  Run to the front road.  Collector SquatsRun to the entrance of the school.  Indian Run to the entrance of the school.  Collector squats.  10 Wide Arm Merkins.  That was fun, lets do some more.  10 Ranger Merkins (with more chipping from Posse).  Mosey back to front parking lot with about 5 minutes left.

4 Corner Sprints.  Walk short stretches on the end.  Sprint the long stretches on the sides.  2 rounds which equaled 4 sprints.

About 2 minutes left.  Would you rather, do more merkins or do dry docks.  “Dry Docks”.  15 Dry docks, 10 Dry docks, 5 slow count dry docks.

About 30 Seconds.  T claps while we walk to the Mashers about 40 yards away.  I can faintly hear Posse still chirping something about T Claps not being allowed.  Reach Mashers right on time as they are finishing dips.



  • It was great to be back where it all started.  I had this Winkie planned from the moment Homecoming was announced as a new site.   It only took Posse 8 months to finally invite me.  I gave him 2 months to get who he wanted out of the way, then I made subtle jabs about how I had a great workout planned….still no invite.  Apparently all it took was 8 months in and a suggested swap Q with Chiseled to get him to graciously force him to ask me to Q Homecoming.
  • I was worried about time and how much I could get done at the high school before heading back to the middle school.  I would have loved to have gotten a third round for the partnered up and overs on the benches.  I also had a little devil on my shoulder that wanted to drag the pax over to Dough Boy’s supine railings but I knew I would be over time if I did.  That would have also have taken me past a certain hill which I ultimately decided wouldn’t be good.  I  still have nightmares about that hill where Doc broke my spirit with 11’s on the hill with burpees at the bottom and merkins at the top.  I think I left part of my soul on Burpee 10 there and I’ve never wanted to return to collect it.
  • Posse was extra chipper today.  Perhaps because I called him out in my Diesel backblast yesterday.  It was like a gnat in my ear.  At first its just a little noise.  Then it becomes a slight annoyance.  By the end I was ready to tell him to shove the big brick where the sun doesn’t shine.  It was all in good fun.  Once we circled up in COT I found it funny.
  • Chastain was no help and only egged Posse on.
    • We (Posse and I) attempted to see with our own eyes the weird running form mentioned in Zinfandel’s back blast but it wasn’t as weird as I was hoping.  More like an old school full back looking to take the head off a line backer in the hole.  Which I guess is kinda weird considering Chastain weights about a buck 60 and would never be mistaken for a full back.
  • Radar put in some hard work today.  Always love having him at workouts and wish he would post more in Waxhaw.  SANTA!  I will never forget carrying around Santa’s Sack that day of your VQ.
  • Yella questioning what Posse’s problem was when it was just him and I doing up and over’s.  I clued him in on the joke that Posse was attempting to play, but really missed a chance to turn the joke around on Posse and have Yella call him out.  With Yella in the Parkwood HS area, we pushed him at coffeteria to get out to the 87th worst site in Waxhaw.
  • Mashers included Recalc and Legalized led by Centerfold.  Must have been a good workout based on the chatter in the Mash Channel.
  • Recalc not letting an injured knee keep him from posting mashed and got stronger today.  For some reason, he also enjoys giving Posse a hard time about his knees always being dirty post workouts.  I should have let the onslaught continue based on hearing Posse poke me for an hour, but jumped in and reminded Recalc that between the two of them, only Posse had two good knees currently.
  • Early Picture for Cash.  4 of the 8 remembered to wear black.
  • Coffeteria at Chick Fil A where we discussed Soda distribution channels, the over bought stock market and whether now is a time to reposition portfolio’s before spikes and closures at colleges and schools, and turned the screws on Yella to come out more often.
  • Just finished F3 Dads so I’m soaking wet from water balloons/guns and full from doughnuts.  Great job leading by Drive By.  Zinfandel with a supreme life hack using a blower to gather all the water balloon chards into a pile.
  • I don’t do much right, but I can write a long ass back blast….they may not be good, but I vow to write the longest of backblasts possible.
    • I’m Out.  Enjoy your weekend.  Good luck to those of us with kids as we navigate the upcoming start of school



  • Blood Drive.  Link went live this morning.  TB to post soon.  They started us with 93 slots.  Yes you read that right….get to work helping TB and Rudy get them filled up!
  • 1 year Launchvergence.  3 options – MASH, Boot Camp, 5K.  Labor Day Weekend.
  • Keep Cash in your prayers form F3TheFort.
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