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Finally some REAL Pizza

Chef’s hat on, dough ready to rise, and ovens preheated for some home cooked Chicago Style Deep Dish VQ (pizza). Not knowing the appetite nor preferences of this mornings PAX, weinke included a plethora of toppings to choose from (more like eat it and like it) and some secret sauce for kicks.


Mosey to the bridge and back to turnaround.  SSH, IW, Merkins & Mountain Climbers all x 20. Stretching – calf followed by up/down dogs.


Mosey to rock pile for PAX to select topping (rock) of their choice.  3 sets of 25 each of curls, overhead press and tri’s.  Run/jog a lap to end of road after each set of 25.  75×3 = 225 topping reps total with 9 laps in between.  Dough, PAX BPM’s and sweat rising.

Mosey to front parking lot to discover toppings scattered in 4 corners and something special in the middle.  PAX broke into groups of 4to digest the following.  High knees while traveling 1 to 2 and 3 to 4. Karaoke between 2 to 3 and 4 to 1.

Corner 1 – Merkins x 20, Bobby Hurley’s x 20

Corner 2 – Curb dips x 20, donkey kicks x 20

Corner 3 – Dry Docks x 20, Speed Skaters x 20

Corner 4 – LBC’s x 20, Plank jacks x 20

Middle – Burpee’s x 5

Repeat above for second helping with corner reps x 15 each.

While waiting for 6 to fully digest second helping, J-Woww interjected Jersey / NY style toppings of plank / tricep pushups and diamond merkins x 10 each.  Another reminder why NY style sucks and should not be on the menu.

Crust now golden brown and cheese (PAX) melting to perfection, added some ladder-7 special sauce consisting of squats and dry docks.

Aroma now filling the Kessington campus, PAX dug-in with a mosey  back to top of hill followed by a lunge walk / every-other tree merkin regurgitation to COT parking lot.


PAX’s (possibly VQ) eyes were bigger than their appetite.  All “savored” every bite (rep) only to over indulge and feel miserable when done.  But in true complimentary fashion, the post-post belches, moans and groans were compliments to the VQ and will only make PAX come back for more. That’s what real Deep Dish pizza is all about!


TB leading organization of 2nd blood drive on 10/17/20 at Waxhaw American Legion.

F3 Waxhaw 1 year anniversary celebration / convergence Monday 9/7/20 – Labor Day at Cuthbertson Middle.


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