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Dromedary BB


Opening mosey around that parking lot back to COT

Warm up

20 x SSH

15 imperial walkers

10 Diamond merkins

Various stretches for the “respects”

The Thang

Head over to the road in front of the high school for suicides.  Start with 1 burpee at street light and 10 T-merkins.  Run to 2nd light for 2 burpees and return to first light for 10 T-merkins.  Continue this theme until you get to the street light past the big globe.

Mosey around to side of high school parking lot.  Bear crawl/Mike Tyson across the parking lot. 10 bear Crawls then 10 mike Tysons until you get across the parking lot.

Mosey over to front of middle school and partner up. P1 run lap around parking lot while P2 does an exercise.  300 dips, 200  150 step ups, 100 75 derkins as a team.

Mosey over to high school parking lot.  10 Bobby Hurley’s at every other tree until you reach COT. Done!

The Moleskin

Thanks to a great group of guys who joined me way too early this morning to run around MHS.  I hope I made it worth your while to wake up that early.  Sorry I could not make Ice 9 spill his merlot.


  •  Waxhaw F3 one year anniversary.  September 7th.
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