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A little off campus hijinks to wrap up the week….

Well there is some discrepancy between the count posted with the picture in social media…which said 26….the recording of NameOrama that Turnbuckle sent me only had 21.  Mashers?  Swarm?  We can’t even begin to speculate.  Anyway, lets get to it. This will be quick.

The Thang:

Short mosey to the front of the high school for warm up.

We’re off…run to the entrance of Champion Forest. The plan was simple today. Get over 3 miles.  From the start/COT to the end of CF’s main drive dead end is 1.6 miles.  So out and back gets us over 3.  Very simple to follow.  First 1/4 of the run…stop at every light and do 10 merkins. At the 4-way stop, circle back for the six.  Next 1/4 leg, stop at every light and do 10 squats. At the end of the road circle back for the six.  Next 1/4 leg stop at every other light and do 5 lunges….circle back for the six.  Last leg to the start…no stopping just run.

For the six police they got just about 4 miles in 45 minutes.  Most others averaged around 3.4 miles.  There was a LOT of policing the six.  However, that isn’t a burden.  It’s what we do.

Announcements were given…Bonefrog Blood Drive…..prayers for Knut’s family as he went to be the with the Lord, prayers for o-69 and his surgery.  I feel like I’m missing one. Anyway, that’s all.


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