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F3ers almost mowed down F3ers

DICCS– CPR certified, cell phone, modify as needed, social distance, do not sue anyone

Warm up-

Nice mosey up around middle school drop off zone before heading up the exit road and back down the entrance road for a quick plank 1/4 the way down while the 6 catches up– who knew we would almost be hit by a few late arrivals who came screaming into the parking lot of 2 wheels—- One vehicle jumped a speed bump ( can we say he might need a alignment in the near future). After that close call we decided this area is not real good to warm up in so we will continue our mosey down to the large lot with the benches and bball court.

  • 10 low slow squats ( pausing at bottom for a 3 second )
  • 10 Moroccan night clubs – For my amigo Zinfandel, your my boy BLUE!! I think it brought a tear to his eye.
  • 10 more Moroccan night clubs while in a squatted position.
  • Plank- right arm high and right leg high 15 seconds, plank , left arm high and left leg high 15 seconds, plank.
  • Coming in HOT!!! I think the culprits of who about mowed us down just join the warm up– I hear “what’s up Dasher “and what’s up “Radar” I am not accusing anyone, but evidence is pointing this way, just saying..
  • Plank and bring right leg to right arm – Plank and bring left leg to left arm  and we are off…

The Thang 

Mosey to road the buses are on for some good ole fashion fun.  There are 5 light poles on this road

1 burpee- 5 bomb jacks at each light

REVERSE and head back to start doing the following

2 burpees- 5 jump squats at each light

Long mosey to other road that is the entrance to the Elementary school for more of the same stop at each light ( 5 lights)

1 burpee- 10 dry docks at each light

REVERSE and head back to starting point of this road

2 burpees – 10 merkins

Long mosey to front of Middle school and find some sidewalk

1 – Mike Tyson ( increase by 1 each round)

4- Big Boys ( each round always 4)

4- LBC or Pistol LBCS based on what Q calls out ( increase by 4 each round)

we got to 5 Mike Tysons and 20 Pistol LBCS

Mosey around COT passing the Masher to the long road near the buses again for more light pole work- 5 light poles out to road

1 burpee – 5 spider man merkins at each light pole ( dumbass idea Chicken) sorry boys.


2 burpees- 5 Shoulder tabs at each light pole  ( Chastain decided this was not hard enough) so we all AGREED (lol) to change this to 5 shoulder tab merkins, thanks for nothing Chastain…

Mosey over to large lot with Bball court and benches to finish our webb

6- Mike Tysons ( increase by 1 to get to 10)

4 -Big Boys ( stays the same)

24- Pistol LBCS or LBCS ( increase by 4 to get to 40).

Mosey back to long road with 5 light poles for more light pole work

1 burpee- 10 walking lunges ( 5 forward and 5 reverse)- at each light pole – 5 light poles…

3 MINUTES LEFT– Nice long easy mosey back to COT



As always it is a pleasure to lead a group of men like this and I appreciate it more and more each time. Today was a tough as we nailed 3.50 miles, 50 burpees, crushed our shoulders/arms and then completed a terrible Webb.  But even with all the terribleness it was a blast thanks to all the conversation, banter, jokes, farting (some wet ones) and snot rockets. The PAX PUSHED hard today thanks for allowing me to lead you guys again boys and thanks to Posse for reaching to me about leading this group.


Homecoming will be closed next 4 weeks due to Iron Pax challenge– Saturday workouts next 4 weeks at Commitment. Iron PAX challenge — sign up!!!

Waxhaw 1 year anniversary- all sites converging at Flash ( labor day ) 6:30 many different workout options





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