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4 Courses, 2 for 1 All Day

Covered DCCS and 5:30 we begin open mosey.


Mosey around front of middle school parking lot and back to COT.  SSH, MNC, IM Walkers, Calf Stretch, and other yoga type stretches.


A four-course meal was served.  Being it was the last Thursday of the month, it was also 2 for 1.

4 cones set up in a square– each cone had 2 exercises to complete and instructions how to get to the next course.

  1. Dirkins and V-Ups x 24. Lunge Walk to next cone.
  2. Calf Raises and Russian Dips x 24. Broad Jump to next cone.
  3. Alligator Merkins x 12; Cross LBC’s x12 each side. High Knees to next cone.
  4. Bomb Jacks x20; Side plank with leg lift x12 each side. Bear Crawl to next cone.

Mosey down the light polls stopping to do (12 each):

  • Big boys
  • Heels
  • Pistol LBC’s
  • Am Hammers

And then mosey back to COT for another round 4 course round – cut in half.

Mosey around parking lot in front of middle school and back.

Circled up for an 8 count of each pax calls the exercise.

Finished up right at 6:14:50.


Coming off an injury, only Mashed the past couple of weeks, so the first real workout was as Q during a hot, humid evening.  What could go wrong (breathing…)

All good planning, poor execution.  Music – speaker left at home.  The 4 cones – placed out of order.  At some point it will all come together.

The 13 Pax who showed up, including three 2.0’s, were a very generous group of clients.  DriveBy provided music during the 4 courses.  Rockwell ensured Mary was up and running until the six was in.

Special shout out to Wrangler who is at the mercy of his dad and, without showing shame, proudly displayed his Packers shirt.


Blood Drive, Labor Day, Christ Closet this weekend.

















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