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Am I Worthy?

Nine souls joined YHC for a morning tour through Champion Forest. We hit all of the streets and made sure we covered every inch as we ran 4 of them twice just for good measure.

DiCCS Delivered and we were off…


Mosey around front of MS/HS and out the HS entrance to cross Cuthbertson Rd. and into Champion Forest, stopping for the SIX so we could all cross together. Finished our warm-up mosey at the club house and circled up for: 15 X Imperial Walkers – IC, 9 X Merkins – IC, Downward Dog, Calfstretch L/R mixed with Runners Stretch L/R while reaching for the sky.


Mosey down Dobson Rd. until we reach Chisholm Ct. – 20 X Merkins at start and run to cul-de-sac and do 20 Merkins, R/R and end with 20 Merkins for total of 100 X Merkins.

Mosey the rest of the way down Dobson and at dead end to Waynewood start 20 X  Squats, run to cul-de-sac and do 20 Squats, R/R and end with 20 Squats for total of 100 X Squats.

Mosey to Whitaker Pl and do 20 X American Hammers (2=1) on each end, R/R and end with 20 X AH’s for total of 100 X AH’s.

Mosey to Bauer Pl and do 20 X Reverse Plank Knee-Ups (1=1) on each end, R/R and end with 20 X RPK’s for total of 100 X RPK’s.

Start mosey back to COT up Waynewood and do 10 X Speed Skaters at each street light until exit of Neighborhood at Cuthbertson Rd. I don’t recall how many there were but it seemed like a thousand…

Mosey back to COT and finish with AYG from MS Exit to light pole where the Shovel Flag would normally be and don’t quit until you pass the light. Done! Everyone clocked at least 5 miles and got some total body work in the process. Way to push gents!

Moleskin: I am always hesitant to lead these “extra” mileage workouts bc I don’t feel like I have the strength or endurance to finish them, let alone lead them. I have a difficult time keeping up with the Gazelles that normally post to these. In reality though, it isn’t about keeping up with them, it is about pushing myself to be better and work harder while encouraging others to do the same for themselves. My natural competitiveness and a little bit of my pride needs to take a back seat to my drive to make myself better than I was yesterday or last week or last month or last year. We don’t give out trophies to the winners in F3. The reward for your participation is just you, yourself getting better and stronger as you push forward. The other stuff, (winning or success in competition), will take care of itself when you focus on getting better each day/week/month/year.  So if you ever ask yourself if you’re worthy then just remember that you absolutely are and the reward for you will come with putting in the work and pushing yourself to new limits.

To the PAX that joined me today, thank you for letting me lead and I hope you got out of it what YOU needed to make yourself better.

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