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Remedial Math Class # Da Floater

Got the call from the Site-Q for a fill in start tomorrow as Carbload was looking for a bit of recovery after the IPC>>he earned it so I was glad to step in.  Chances that the numbers might be lower due to IPC recovery? maybe.   DCCS given and the confusion began:


Mosey around the block and end up over at Dream Chasers. SSH/Calf/upward/downward/merkins

The Thang (confusion begin…)  The thought was to add in some multi-move exercises aka full body work each exercise.  Mosey to first light pole on N. Providence (the long stretch with many light poles”.  The thought was to introduce 3 sets of exercises and alternate those at every light.  The directions either came out in Polish, sign language or maybe not at all (still in my head).  Here we go:

Exercise 1: Slide lunge/slide lunge/slide lunge/3 mountain climbers – do 10 reps

Exercise 2: squat/squat/walkout to push up/walkback – do 10 reps

Exercise 3: Crab Toe Touches – 25

The first light pole looked like a pile-up on 485 and scratching heads with confusion.  Continue down the road alternating those and modifying the reps.  CLEAR AS MUD

Mosey to KJ Hill for 5’s

5 laps up KJ: 5 jungle boi squats at bottom/stop intersection and broad jump across/5 bobby hurley’s at top

hit the brick wall across from the church for 20 dips/20 donkey kicks – 2 rounds.  Some abs

Mosey to COT – good morning

93% humidity this morning and ALL the Pax gave great effort:

Dancing Bear – he’s out of the cave and enjoying seeing him back.  Great effort today

Dipstick – a once a week guy, but taking on KJ hill with some speed

Carbload – sore, sore, sore – but still came out and beating guys up KJ Hill

Sugar Daddy – Couldn’t tell he did IPC yesterday – dude was smiling – who smiles after IPC?

Schneider – MVP for the day.  He was pushing hard and out in front!!!!

Dasher/Ice9 – Power couple of the day. no dry heaving so I guess I let Ice9 down with a soft workout. Dasher did a recovery run yesterday after IPC and this?

Shake-n-bake – a big fan of the first set of exercises – he kept rolling past me on KJ

Chatterbox – Can’t wait until he Q’s and we hear his voice – it’s coming soon as he’s killing it at these workouts

Mad Dog – no IPC recovery for this guy- and a big fan of the advanced exercise algorythims

Baio- good to have you out here and you were crushing it.

Hollywood -fell right into my trap initially.  I make the exercises so complicated and mixed up that it slows down the fast guys.  But he took his revenge on KJ hill by lapping me.

Always an honor to Q with this great group of men.


f3Waxhaw Anniversary Extravaganza Monday – options for workout>>>but give back time for Rice and Beans Charity. Tarps/men’s clothes/toiletries…

But before that- Come out Saturday to IPC and do something real stupid.




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