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49:59 (IPC Edition – Week 1)

What’s in it for you? Tons of things are available to you here at F3 but the first F is all about what you put into it. Day in and day out, each of us put in different levels of effort during our posts but we each have different goals and outcomes. Some of us post to eat/drink what we want, some come to reduce stress and others come to improve little by little. I actually know several pax, including myself, who participate in all three of those categories.

This Iron Pax Challenge is one day a week for four weeks but only one month a year. It’s a measuring stick for where you are in your fitness journey. It’s not something you can compare year to year since the workouts change every year but based on where you finish in the group you can gauge where you are. And the “where you are” is subjective since it’s really you vs you.

So while it’s a competition, it’s also a test of what type of man you are and I’m not really referring to the athletic ability portion. I’ve been pushing on our social media accountability but it’s also an honor system. One I’m taking really seriously and maybe too seriously.

The question is would you rather finish on the top or would you like to actually earn your time? While a minor mistake in form or counting due to pace or fatigue is understandable, a lot of what I’m seeing during this IPC is hard for me to witness. At a Gold’s Gym I expect guys to puff out their chest but at F3 we have an unspoken Code of Honor.

I hope and expect everyone posting by next week to actually step beyond their comfort levels. This goes for IPC and just in general posting. If someone says your squat isn’t right, fix it. If the depth of your lunge is off then don’t count that rep. If you didn’t jump at the top of every burpee with your hands over your head you didn’t finish and that timer is still running.

As always, continue to modify as needed. If you have an injury or literal physical inability to do a certain exercise, replace it with something similar. More and more we are seeing a lot of guys modify just due to laziness. That’s a problem.

I get some people just don’t care and aren’t trying to finish at the “top”. You do you, I have not problem with that either. But when you say “finished” knowing you shorted every lunge and didn’t do a single squat please don’t enter a time. If you wouldn’t be willing to video tape yourself and post online than you are doing this wrong.

As for the name of this BB, 49:59 was my time in this weeks IPC. I know for certain my level of effort was dead on. My squats were probably too low and I might have overdone it on smashing my knee during the lunges but I know that my timer is stopped. Has yours?

(Zinfandel steps off of soapbox, exits stage left and end scene)


The above isn’t directed at one individual or a group of you. It’s all of us. It’s me as well. We ALL need to try and to push harder. We ALL need to hold ourselves and our brothers more accountable. If you are triggered by the above try and remove my “hollier than though” voice and focus on what my intentions are.

Great job to those that earned it the right way. Great job everyone for just showing up this morning. That is half of the battle at times. Shout out to Ghosted for picking a terrible day to join us!


Times in no particular order, just how they were listed on the board:

  • Kid Rock 40:38
  • Recalc 42:18
  • Sugar Daddy 36:52
  • Speedbump 37:25
  • JWow 40:51
  • Popeye 48:55
  • Centerfold 54:39
  • Rudy 48:47
  • Shop Dawg 38:50
  • Doughboy 49:47
  • Turnbuckle 67:29
  • Fusebox 39:20
  • Drive By 57:48
  • Posse 49:30
  • Deep Dish 50:35
  • Breadbowl 44:30
  • Ghosted 62:34

Wednesday IPC Times (these are already entered)

  • Tool Time 28:34
  • Dasher 32:42
  • Bottlecap 36:46
  • Gerber 38:51
  • Easy Button 39:54
  • Tanyatine 40:41
  • Mad Dog 49:37
  • Zinfandel 49:59
  • Carbload 50:01
  • Premature 50:02
  • High Hat 50:51
  • Sugar Daddy 53:36
  • Deadwood 54:48

Enjoy the long weekend and we will see you all Monday!!

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