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PreBlasty-Blast: IPC Relay Edition – Week 2

We made a joke about playing with ourselves last week in this IPC Relay for 2 reasons: #1 its funny #2 we were hoping other regions would participate. Looking back it’s not funny anymore because it’s true. Are we offending other regions? Do they only like actually playing with themselves or do they like a challenge? Join us, won’t you….

In Week 2 hopefully we find out which region is willing to take us on and may the better smelling men win! This week should be pretty simple to turn into a “relay”. The only semi-challenge is to ensure each pax goes around the cones and which ever pax is next waits until that person breaks the (imaginary) line at the center spoke before beginning.

Looking at our cheatsheet you can see it’s best to split it into 14 x “exercises” per round. You can use as many or as little pax as you want but the more you have, the potential, merrier it will be. We are separating the Thrusters between rounds to an individual pax. As for the other exercises, whoever’s turn it is will do the exercise as well as the out and back rifle carry.

Hopefully this all makes sense but ping us with questions.

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