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Say What

After completing the weekly IPC Relay the Swarm group headed out.  A couple of the usual Swarm participants decided to hang back for Impromptu and Deadwood started with us and bailed 2 minutes into the run.

Headed down past Rudy’s shed over the the HS for warm up.  Had the jump the fence for my normal morning #2.  Hollywood lead the warmup

Did 3 rounds of round about work, supines at one end and squats at the other

Moseyed over the the HS parking lot for 4 rounds of star fish

Front of the HS for 5 lunges at each light pole

The problem with doing a BB the following week is I don’t remember any of the stuff we did.  Getting old is my excuse.

Now that IPC is in full swing I’ve realized we don’t include enough leg exercises into our workouts so I’ve made a commitment to do 50% legs in each of my workouts moving forward.

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