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Chicken On The Loose In Marvin

DICCS GIVEN- Cell phone, CPR, Do not sue anyone, social distance where applicable, modify as needed

Warm up

Fast pace mosey from COT to long road in front of schools for planking and stretching

Downward dog and Upward dog- repeat 5 times- plank right arm high 10 seconds and plank left arm high 10 seconds- Glidah Special

Quick pace Mosey to front of Middle School for the actual warm up

15- Low Slow Squats

15- SSH’S

5 low slow merkins

Calve Stretch and we are off…..


The Thang

Mosey down parking lot towards the brick wall area for a fun little webb

3- Mike Tysons/ 3 dry docks every round/ AB work starting and 4 and increase by 4 each round until we get to 40

4, 8, 12- Big Boys

16- Pistol LBCS

20- LBCS

24- Pistol LBCS

28- LBCS

32- Pistols LBCS

36- LBCS

40-Pistol LBCS

Mosey to bottom of parking lot and back up to dirt trail leading to fields for Triple Dime

10- Bomb Jacks at start

10- Jungle Boy Squats at end

Repeat three times

Split into groups of 4-5 people for a bear crawl ladder

all Pax in group plank in single file line line — Pax member up front says down for the whole PAX to complete one merkin, the Pax member in the back bear crawls to the front – rinse repeat for 4 times   CAR COMING IN HOT!!! ABORT ABORT.. Most groups got to 3 full rounds.

Mosey up road to entrance of middle school for some light pole leg work. There are 7 lights from the stop sig down long road in front of schools. At each light pole complete 10 jump squats and 10 ( single count) Speed Skaters

Back to the bear crawl ladder to complete your last round..

Mosey to COT…



As always I appreciate the opportunity to lead this group of men. The Pax pushed hard today and as always it is like herd damn cats with Ice9, Transporter, Glidah, Tanyatine, and Bottlecap they pushed me out of my comfort zone while moseying. But today a few others where pushing themselves and have been for quite sometime and they are heading or already in the gazelle crowd– Rockwell, Soft Pretzel, Figi, Schneider ( FYI never try to sprint with Ice 9 though- dummy) and Red Tape ( second workout and he is a beast).


Need a Q at Floater tomorrow- reach out to Shake n Bake or Carbload

New neighborhood walk group/AO – Sunday morning to talk, walk and maybe grab a few new people- This Sunday at the Chimneys at 7:30 at the clubhouse.

Open Door- 3 opportunities – Saturday Morning 8am, Sunday Morning 8am  ( 2 zoom ) and 1 in person Sunday 7:30 at the Five Stones Fire pit.

IPC 6:30 tomorrow night after client dinner RELAY GROUP .. Reach out to Zinfandel




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