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50% legs


  • Cell phone
  • CPR
  • Modify as needed
  • Not liable for stupidly



Mosey to front of HS for warm-up.

SSH x 20 IC

MTC x 20 IC

Plank Jack x 20 IC

Imperial Walker x 20 IC


The Thang

Mosey to backside of Monkey Island (that is the island between HS and football field)

4 laps around the island

200-meter run

25 dips on wood benches

200-meter run

15-yard walking lunges

Pick up the six and head to the next spot.


Mosey down to Rudy’s shed

4 laps from Rudy’s shed to the walkway to the HS

Run to walkway

40 single count American Hammers

Run back to shed

25 peoples chair should press (some of grabbed some bricks)

Plank for the six


Mosey up to the MS picnic tables

3 rounds of

10 step ups

10 incline merkins

Run to first corner for 5 Mike Tysons

There were a few of us that finished all 3 rounds while others started to freak out about the time and headed back.  Been doing this awhile and know how to keep track of time and get the PAX back on time.

The Pax covered between 2.5 and 3.5 miles.  Good distance for a 45-minute bootcamp.  Shoot the boys at Ignition only got in 4.5 miles.

Great having Kid Rock join us today and that his new job will allow him to workout out with us more.   I believe I saw Rockwell and Chicken Little racing each other up the hill a few times.  There could have been others as well.  Great job having an accountability partner.   Mad props to our double respect Chainsaw for being out in gloom most mornings and throwing down a good workout.



Blood Drive

Saturdays IPC will be at CMS


Thanks to Bottlecap for taking us out!

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