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Who’s To Blame?

We will save the blame game for another time.  Regardless, use today as a reminder: If you are asked to Q, put it on your calendar.  If you are a site q, check in with your scheduled q to make sure they remember and are good to go.

So at 5:14 we are standing around…no Nails.  I look around, no site q’s either.  As we progress through the check downs, I start looking around the circle and lock eyes with Transporter.  He looks hungry to Q – Oh hell no.  5:15 I jump in before he has a chance and start leading DICCS.  5:16 Lets Go (yes a minute late as we were holding out hope our Q would arrive on two wheels).



Mosey around back side of parking lot doing a quick fly by of COT to see if the Q arrrived.  Nope, but there is at least 1 site Q…Damascus limping over to the mashers with a cinder block.

Continue on with Transporter flying by me.  Through my huffing and puffing I attempt to tell him to circle up in Pet Smart parking lot.  After his second time asking me what I said again I decided it would be best to show him.  I went from a 10 minute mile to an 8 minute mile (don’t worry, it only lasted 30 seconds ((that’s what she said))   and here’s that final).

  • 20 Moroccan Night Clubs
  • Merkin position for…..20 Mountain Climbers (I tricked ya).
  • While where here, 20 T Merkins in Cadence
  • Jimmy Duggan


Short mosey (literally 20 feet) to the middle of pet smart parking lot where we partnered up to get 100 Merkins and 100 Supines combined.  Good eyes from Transporter getting Radar to avoid the dip plug left near the cart corral.  Apparently you get bit once by fire ants and you develop eagle eyes.

Posse asking if I need an idea – Nah, I got this.

Mosey to hill entering the neighborhood.   10 Jump Squats at the top of the hill, 10 in/outs at bottom of the hill.  Do it 5 times.  It was here that Transporter reminded everyone this is called a Triple Nickel.  Thank you Master Yoda.  Circle back for the 6 which allowed most of us to get 6 laps in.

Mosey to bottom cul de sac where I learned along the way that Blue Screen doesn’t have an early morning whisper voice.   40 Speed Skaters at each light going to the other Cul-De-Sac.  Oh dear god this sucks.  Audible – make that 30 speed skaters (instant sigh of relief from the pax).  LBC’s while waiting on the 6.

Strategically placed headlamps at front, middle, and back of the back as we navigated our way through the wilderness of Wesley Oaks until we reached light again near BB&T.  If the pax hadn’t figured it out yet, yes I’m making this up all on the fly.  Keep moseying to the wall, no not that wall, yes this wall.

Partner up with different partners for 100 Donkey Kicks and 100 Dry Docks.  After Sugar Daddy knocked out 50 Donkey’s in the first round, I thought perhaps my count was too low.  Quick look around, nope…other pax are struggling we are still good.

Split up into two groups and Indian run back to COT.   Fast group took off too fast and it was all I could do to catch up to put on the breaks.  Once again Sugar Daddy is to blame.   We did Burpees waiting on the 6.

Watch check, 3 minutes.  Well we are already doing Burpees so lets just keep doing that.

1:30 left.  Burpees suck.  On your 6 for Heels to Heaven.  Got to 30 and decided that was enough.  No second hand on the watch but felt like we only had seconds left so I called have a nice day.  Ended up being about 20 seconds.



  • Thanks for the grace from the pax today as I pulled this work out of my came up with today’s workout on the fly.
  • Chipotle was in no joking mood when I cracked on him and Big Tuna not riding together.  I guess I won’t be joking about him and Big Tuna rolling out of the same bed anytime soon will continue to poke a sore spot.
  • Rolled over to do LBC’s only to find I was awkwardly positioned right in front of shop dawg as he finished speed skaters.  Thanks shop for looking away.
  • Love having Radar out at workouts.  He pushed hard today.  Time to get Yella out to more workouts as well.  Have him bring me a 6 pack of cheerwine when he comes to 🙂
  • Transporter, Sugar Daddy, and Blue Screen all taking turns out front today.  Good push guys.
  • Great to see Legalized out today though I didn’t get any time to talk with him.  I had worried that I’d missed his move to Colorado already as he hadn’t been at any recent workouts I’ve been at.
  • Damascus, Turn Buckle, and Legalized all did stuff at Mash.  Small Mash group today but it looked like they worked hard.
  • Still getting to know Bypass and Schnitzel but they both pushed hard today.  Bypass almost took me out of the dark hill triple nickel.  Thanks for jumping out of the way at the last minute….I never saw you.


  • Prayers for Cash’s family
  • Blood Drive – sign up.  We are a month out and we don’t have enough to even hold the event yet!  Yes, I’m talking to you…get out of this back blast and go sign up at:    Scroll down to American Legion Post on 10/17 and sign up.
  • Christ Closet needs volunteers to help get bins down, clothes folded, and given away on Thursdays.  See Shop Dawg, Turn Buckle, or another CC’er.
  • If you looked at 300 Merkins and thought this is stupid, come see me at Blackhawk this Saturday at Walnut Creek Park at 6:30.  We will do stupid stuff, but it will be less stupid than 300 Merkins.
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