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Bushwood Member/Guest Leapfrog

Apologies are in order as I have been running late, well I have been trolling the Twitterverse for new video of other regional PAX week 3 IPC submission. I can tell you I feel very comfortable about our Waxhaw crew and keeping each other in check. Its not about Reps or speed, its about doing what you can do and pushing yourself to your limits and beyond while keeping yourself accountable. Meaning, don’t look at others statistics… Can tell you from what we have seen, they are likely inaccurate anyhow.

So as I float back down to Bushwood, it was a cool morning, but we had many Pax in proper attire. With the Member/Guests at the course, the grounds crew doesn’t always like us hacking it up, so we had to jump in where we could.


Mosey to back nine

SSH/IW/Mountain Climbers 18IC

Runner stretch/Down-UP Dog/Calf Stretch


Wanted to get a slight precursor to the week 3 IPC, but not burn us out, so we headed off the course for some Pasture Golfing.

Mosey to the half wall

Dips/Step-ups/Derkins 20IC x2

Mosey to Turkey intersection: 36 LBC run to circle and 25 15 Merkins, and repeat completing LBC’s waiting for the 6.

I said this was a little IPC teaser, but after seeing relay footage of my burpees on week 0 and being called out for  leapfrogging a bit too high, I had to throw that into the Thang. Somehow sounds way more funny in a chipmunk voice.

At the 4 speed bumps (which I realized halfway are spaced pretty far apart) alternate with 5 Leap Frog Burpees (basically jump as high as you can) and 10 squats. At the last intersection, turn back and do the same back to the hidden school trail.

We must have somehow jumped in behind the old guys 4 some that had nothing better to do that day cuz we are running a bit behind.

Take the trail to the Back nine, not the front way, we had to sneak on behind the clubhouse. Pick up our favorite coupon (Dana, yup I hid it on you sucka!!! Thats my coupon!)

Quick rifle carry or modify, circle up: Curl 21’s, 20 bent lat rows, 20 tri ext, 20 shoulder press, 20 chest press, 10 Hernias… I was sadly cut off from another round by the starter, but was trying to squeak in another few shots.

Head back to COT and finish with Futters for the 6.


Was great to be out with the cool air finally, sweat didn’t really start pouring until the back nine which was welcomed. We kept the mileage down just under 2.5 miles, so the pax stayed together. Oh, and get used to those leap froggers, have a feeling we may be seeing them again sometime soon.



Blood drive

IPC 3 Saturday

Get them FNG’s

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