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Ignition PAX Challenge

10 guys showed up at Ignition to complain about IPC’s Week 3 workout.  With rumors of this being the last warm morning of the year, YHC was planning on barely getting to the min. 4 mile requirement and get some exercises in to prepare for this week’s IPC Merkin-Fest.

DCCS covered (Thanks to Legal Zoom for the Cell Phone)


  • With Ice9 in attendance, you know the first mile is going to have the pace of Lil Sweet from Hartsville Usain Bolt
  • Circle up at the HS circle for various exercises


  • 3 Strikes and you are out
    • 75 merkins without coming out of plank more than twice
    • If you fall to your knees or do the butt in the air plank, that is a strike
    • 3 strikes = run around upper circle and back to lower circle to complete 75
  • If you ain’t first, you’re last
    • Race your partner opposite directions around big HS lot
    • Loser does 25 T-Tap merkins (unless winner is gracious)
    • Rinse and Repeat the opposite way with 10 knee slaps when partners cross
    • Rinse and Repeat only halfway around parking lot with 25 Dorothy Hurleys
  • Islands in the Stream
    • Run from front lot in HS across 7 islands to football field
    • 10 knee ups at island
    • Run back to start and do 3 burpees
    • Repeat for all 7 islands
  • Mama I’m coming Home
    • Run along outside of HS back to circle
    • Every other light 10 T-Tap Merkins
  • Last Dance
    • Race partner down and around circles and tennis sidewalk
    • Loser does 25 Dorothy Hurleys
  • Feeling Randy
    • Stop at Rudy’s Palace
    • 20 Balls to Wall Shoulder Taps


  • Glidah and Deflated don’t like islands
  • Racing Ice9 is awful interesting . . . But always to good to hear your opponent dry heaving when you are racing them (sorry Easy Button)
  • Legal Zoom was back at Ignition after a long break . . . His loud feet and conditioning seem to be in running shape
  • Wolverine and Glidah were holding hands while competing running . . . They tied every time!
  • Surge with his first trial of Ignition.  Well done trying something new!  Some other PAX should take note.
  • Cobbler keeps pushing and is getting faster
  • Smithers is still sneaky fast . . . He was right up front on the Islands running
  • Great to have Deadwood back . . . Similar to Ice9 (and Carb Load), they go out fast and empty the tank every workout


  • Christ’s Closet needs help from a few guys (and wives and 2.0’s) every Thursday 6-8pm to help unstack/restack bins for people shopping
  • Waxhaw Express Tuesday 0515 at Cuthbertson . . . Free memberships to all who show . . . Try something different
  • Blood Drive . . . Oct 17th in Waxhaw . . . Sign up now and Turnbuckle will walk a mile for each PAX that signs up . . . 100 miles?!?!


  • Lots to be thankful for . . . Let’s live out that thankfulness with everybody we encounter this week . . . including/especially our wives and kids
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