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Chiseled BackBlast

At the best lit site in the AO, 12 pax got to choose their own adventure.

The WarmUp:

Quick mosey, then a Popeye special of rapid 10 reps each…

SSH, Merkins, SSH, Imperial Walkers, SSH, Mountain Climbers, SSH, LBCs, SSH, and I think a few others

Stretch with Dugans, shoulders and tricep stretches

The Thang:

3×15 shoulder tap Merkins with little bricks, broad jump 10 yd, 3×15 American Hammers with little bricks, broad jump 10 yd, 3×15 palm-away curl to press with little bricks, then lap the parking lot with little bricks.  Rinse & repeat two more times.

Ask the crew to choose if they want more running or big weights.  They chose poorly…

3×15 4 count zombie curls with coupon (curl, then push coupon straight out and return).  Rest after each set with 10 foot release squats off the coupon.

15 arms to heaven with coupon (chest press, then situp with shoulder press).  Rest after each set with legs at 6″ off the deck.

3×100’s with little bricks (10x curls, 10x palm down curls, 10x standing flys, 10x forward flys, 10x shoulder press, 10x bent over row, 10x bent over tri’s, 10x bent over flys, 10x boxing with bricks, left stance, 10x boxing with bricks, right stance).  Rest between each set with various mary.  Took us to time.

The Moleskine:

Early morning, well lit and safe parking lot means no head-lamps needed.  Proved with the pax that you not only don’t need a lot of space, but you don’t even need to run to get the heart rate up (arms to heaven, high paced 100’s).  What does that mean?  No excuses, no jaw jacking, awesome workout.

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