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IPC Week 3 at Cutty

IPC Week 3



Run 400m
100 merkins
Run 400m
90 squats
Run 400m
80 merkins
Run 400m
70 squats
Run 400m
60 merkins
Run 400m
50 squats
Run 400m
40 merkins
Run 400m
30 squats
Run 400m
20 merkins
Run 400m
10 squats
***Run 800m***



Dasher: 34:35

Tanyatine: 38:36

Bottlecap: 41:44

Doughboy: 44:23

Premature: 46:19

Chicken Little: 48:41

Recalculating: 49:16

Deep Dish: 51:05

Mad Dog: 51:17

Popeye: 53:13

Bread Bowl: 55:21

Ghosted: 57:26

C3PO: 57:57

Turnbuckle: 1:20:55



Pretty good work out there of the most part today.  Dasher has the merkin form down to the most compact fluid movement possible, well done.

Chicken and Recalc were great accountability partners and did a great job pushing each other.  Recalc also yelled out at will to “get down” and other various things throughout the workout.

Ghosted picked the perfect time to start posting.  All his posts have been IronPax and the convergence 5k.  Way to start on top.

Great resolve by TB, keep up the great work


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