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I Don’t Give a F, I Actually Give Three

Hello fall! What are these things on my arms?… Oh, that’s right, sleeves. I forgot what they were like as this has been quite the extended year of staying at home and unforgiving heat and humidity. Not going to lie but I recycled a portion of a previous Weinke today mainly because I knew I could Q it better than last time and we needed to keep moving to stay warm. Yes, 50 degrees is cold for me… Anyway it didn’t take long for a nice crew of 10ish to appear out of the gloom and it was time. DiCCS were executed perfectly and we had a ton of safety gear present so we looked like a string of Christmas lights when we ran in a single line. You’re “encouragement” is working Mad Dog!


Mosey to front of high school after 1 full circle around lot

Imp Walkers Squawkers x 15 IC

Plank hold x 30sec

P parkers x10 IC

Mtn climbers x15 IC

Calf stretch

Chest / shoulder stretch on the ground – (You would have thought I asked the PAX to put their ankles behind their head and walk around on their hands…. Come on boys, work some yoga in your routine!)


Burpee Indian run to side entrance on Cuthbertson

Follow trail to Lawson entrance

Run down to T section stopping at each side st

Complete 5 burpees

10 BBs

15 Mtn Clmbr

Mosey down Great Rd to cul-de-sac – Time to smoke the “This is Ignition” Strava segment

AYG up “This is Ignition” segment ( Our group now holds the top 7 spots )

Mosey to 5 forks pool parking lot

220 Run to Lawson entrance.

2mi run – ea cul-de-sac and intersection Q picks the exercise x 20 reps ( upper, lower, abs )


  • At Paw Paw ln – alternating bear crawl x 20 Then walk lunge x 10 until top

Mosey back down hill to cont run
Several exercises were done and most PAX were called upon to contribute – roughly 12 stops I think

Follow trail back to Cuthbertson side entrance

Mosey back to middle school entrance where welcome sign is – 10 mins left so audible time

1 mile loop around Cutty campus for time – Now forever known as “The Glidah Mile” thanks to Gerber

Back to COT for Am Hams and words of wisdom


So there was a lot of stopping and starting today during our adventure but got in a variety of exercises, an ars kicking sprint and finally a longer gallop to finish things off. We had a fast group, faster than usual I think, because everyone really stayed together the whole time and pushed each other. There were several changes to the leader/s of the pack as we went along which is awesome. I remember when some of these “fast” guys started encouraging me to post at the longer distance / hour long workouts and now I get to be a co-site Q at one of them. Ignition. And how cute is it that the dude that EH’d me into joining F3 is the other site Q. Thanks Hollywood xoxoxo – I mentioned a couple things up top regarding F’s and seasons so I guess I should tie all that in somehow. Here goes; With about a minute left I opened up to the group that we are going through a change of seasons and by now I think most know that I have been as well. It has been an incredibly mixed ride of ups and downs, emotions, confusion and stress. But with all of that there has also been so many incredible and amazing other things that have been revealed on this journey of mine. One of the biggest and most important is I’ve been able to invest in the other two F’s of F3; the Fellowship and Faith components. I don’t think I can put into words the impact that tying all three together has made in my life in such a very short period of time. The bond and community that I have with many PAX today rivals those of immediate family and close friends I’ve had for 20 years… They’ve got my back. They pray for me – like for real pray, not just send the 🙏 emoji or post it in GM. They have offered me a room to stay if I need it. Coffee and an ear to listen. Encouragement. Accountability. And honestly just offering their time in a world where there never seems like there is enough to even get the most basic tasks accomplished that come with the defaults of life. I’m more engaged and connected with God than I have been in years. When you’re put into an environment where you know you just can’t do it alone you start to look for support ( hello 2nd and 3rd F’s ) and support is what I have found. I am more clear headed and in tune with the environment and world around me than maybe I have ever been before. And guess what, when that happens you start seeing even more amazing and beautiful things around you. Some, that have been there the whole time. I could go on but I’ll save some for my next BB. Here’s the bottom line; we have a FREE opportunity to take advantage of right now to help us grow in any area of our life. You just have to get uncomfortable enough to take the next step and act on the thought or emotion that you’ve been carrying around for however long. It’s there for a reason and so is F3. Grateful for each and every one of you. ✌


Last week of IPC – get your coupons and backs ready #murderbunnies

We still have over 90 spots to fill for the next blood drive in October. Remember when it was still like 8 weeks away?…

Welcome FNG “TikTok”.

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