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Leg Day At Flash

18 guys didn’t heed the warning that Leg Day was coming to Flash.  I had hoped my warning marketing would have sent a few pax over to support Chatter Box for his VQ, but apparently only Mad Dog’s heart strings were tugged.  The rest of you are cold heartless bastards (I’m joking).

FNG introduced.  Neither of his EH’ers decided to post with him (though Glidah was leading Ignition so he gets a pass.  Where were you Catfish?!!).

DICCS discussed.  A couple headlamps atop heads.  Lets go.


Hot lap around the parking lot over to the middle school.

  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 15 Peter Parkers
  • 10 Parker Peters
  • Calf Stretch
  • Downward Dog
  • Walk hands up into Jimmy Duggan.



Groups of 3.   Partner 1 does up an over’s on the benches.  Partner 2 is the runner (half lap to partner 3).  Partner 3 does Russian Get Ups on the far Curb.  Runner reliefs Russian Get Up and that person then finished the other half of the lap to take over for the up and overs.  Had originally called go until team has done 100 up and over’s, but we have some fast guys this morning so we went until everyone completed two rounds.  The Russian Get Up’s were too much for 1 Star’s lower half and he rushed off to Rudy’s Poop Palace.

Mosey to the road pausing to do backwards lunge walks while waiting for a bus to clear the road.

30 Speed Skaters at each light heading towards/past the high school (360 total for those keeping track).  Chicken led mary waiting on the 6.

Mosey towards the football field.  Pausing at the corner for squats waiting on the 6.

Backwards run towards the traffic circle.  Heard a couple guys compliment my choice of exercises here tell me these suck.

Back to your team of 3 at the traffic circle.   Partner 1 grabs fence for deep jump squats.  Partner 2 runs.  Partner three at the bottom circle for dry docks with feed on the curb.  Two rounds each.

Mosey to high school steps for 5 calf raises on each step.  Not enough time, audible.

Mosey to Rudy’s Palace.  3 minutes left.  2 burpees at each light all the way to COT.   At COT we continued burpees until the 6 arrived.  Mash and Ignition looked on in relief that they were not a part of Flash and didn’t have burpees to finish out.



  • Great job by everyone.  I thought a leg heavy day coming off of 300 merkins for some of you would be just the thing you needed.  I was then reminded by Popeye that there was also 250 squats in the IPC workout….oh yeah, my bad.
  • FNG Tik Tok named because he is in IT and gave us some sort of dance move while telling us about himself.  A close second was glitch.  Welcome Tik Tok.  If you post again this week it will be 2 more times than I’ve seen Catfish all summer.  Tik Tok proclaims while doing deep jump squats on the fence that this was his first time doing legs in 5 years….yeah, your going to be hurting tomorrow.  I suggest you go to Watchtower to help get the soreness out.
  • Magnolia, Chicken Little, and I had about a minute before the workout started to lament about a Wolfpack win.  They don’t happen often so we better take advantage of them while we can boys.
  • Magnolia telling me he’s going to feel those speed skaters tomorrow to which I replied I’m looking forward to getting cussed at each time a pax goes in for the bathroom squat.
  • Rockwell and Chicken doing a great job at their site Q roles picking up the 6.  Thank goodness for Covid (you don’t hear that too often) because I was ready to grab bread bowl and throw him over my shoulder.  I will be glad when he finally pushes through the mental side of the workout.  He has the ability to keep up, but his mind isn’t allowing him to try.  Continue to push him to help him break that mental barrier.



  • Bottle Cap gave a sappy speech about Goodfella’s leadership along with a ugly colored shirt.  Goodfella responded by warning about too much 4th F keeping you from workouts.
  • Blood Drive is less than 3 weeks away (Oct. 17th).  It is time to get signed up.  Less than 30 are currently signed up and the Red Cross gave us 94 slots.  This is M friendly.  2.0’s can donate as long as they are 16.  This is not relegated to just F3.  Please push this in your neighborhood facebook pages, next door app, and continue spreading the work via word of mouth.  Lets push to get to 50 by end of this week.  Go sign up and sign people up.  Sign up here:
  • Christ Closet folding parting this Thursday.  Not sure the time, but if I had to guess I’d say 7:00.
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