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Mental Barriers

I can’t say I was hoping for rain, but I also can’t say I was disappointed. 9 idiots decided to brave the rain. 1 idiot intelligent person wise-guy (Schneider) waited until 0529 and then bailed. He missed out.

DiCCS given with emphasis on the “you are here of your own free will” part of the Disclaimer. Also, extra emphasis on the Safety part.


Fast mosey to the front of the middle school then circle up. Special instructions that anyone caught hiding under the awning had to do double reps.

SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Moroccan Night Clubs, Calf Stretch, 6 inch plank until Bread Bowl decides to join us on the plank

Fast mosey back to the COT area

10 Derkins IC
10 Dips IC

The Thang

Jailbreak (with caution) down the path to Rudy’s Palace. Plank while waiting on the six. Nevermind, pick up the 6.

Grab some wall on the shed for 50 civilian count air presses

Fast mosey to the basketball courts for 10 Squats on my down then 10 Merkins on Bread Bowl’s down

Fast mosey back to the poop palace for 50 more civilian count air presses

You might notice at this point there’s not a lot of standing around. My goal was to keep the pax moving. I think we dodged more raindrops that way…or something.

Fast mosey to the stairs for the only covered exercises of the morning. Top of the stairs and grab a spot of wall for some 7s: 6 Donkey kicks on the wall, a long lap down the sidewalk and around to the bottom of the stairs and do 1 Bobby Hurley. Back up the stairs to the wall for 5 DKs…and so on until we finish with 1 DK and 6 Hurleys. According to my Strava, we got a whole mile in doing just that one set.

At this point I asked the PAX if they needed a 10 count then took off running without waiting for an answer. Then I felt bad so Chicken and I gave a moving 10 count while we squeezed between the tennis courts and the high school, around the corner to the benches. Instructions:

  • 20 Dips
  • Run to the traffic circle
  • 20 Speed Skaters (2=1)
  • Back to the benches
  • 15 Dips
  • Traffic circle
  • 15 Jump Squats
  • Benches
  • 10 Dips
  • Traffic circle
  • 10 Burpees

Pick up the six!

Another moving 10 count over to the big lot near the stadium. A little 4 corners:

  • 10 Merkins
  • 10 Big Bois (essentially laying in a bathtub)
  • 10 Diamond Merkins
  • 10 Bomb Jacks

Running short on time so I called for a Burpee Indian Run around the front of the school and back to COT. Less than 2 minutes remaining and we see the Swarm PAX scooting out 100 yards or so in front of us. Continue the Burpee Run back to COT and end just on time.


I had a blast this morning. I woke up somewhere around 3:30-3:40 in anticipation for the IPC relay. Couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up and got moving. We killed that sucker with a 14:52 showing (way to go fellas) and then had around 20 minutes before Impromptu began. Was really glad to see so many guys either 1) stick around after the IPC relay or 2) show up on a morning no one would have blamed you for fartsacking. Dough Boy pulled in next to my car a few minutes before the start and asked if we were going to be seeking shelter. I gave a solid “No!” that Shake would be proud of.

I said in the first paragraph that I wasn’t disappointed by the rain, but really I was really happy we got the downpour. At Pursuit yesterday morning Ex-Lax was talking with Bottlecap and myself after COT and talking about how previously his ability to run or not run was based on a physical barrier but now he’s realizing that a lot of it is a mental barrier. That struck a chord with me. How much of what we do, whether it’s F3, our jobs, our dealings with family/friends/people, or whatever, is influenced by some type of mental barrier you’ve erected. If you’re doing Merkins or Burpees or freaking Murder Bunnies and you start to slow down, is it because your body is stopping you? Or is it because you’ve mentally decided you can’t do any more? Or your job; I know I struggle with this one. Do you have a mental barrier that’s causing you to check out and do the bare minimum to get by? How about your family? Are you coasting? Are you letting your kids grow up without you? Is your M feeling neglected because you’re mentally not there (more than usual)?

So today I yelled (cheerfully, and hopefully in an encouraging manner) to give it more than you’re currently giving. If you’re maxed out physically, great! You don’t get up at the crack of dawn to half-ass these workouts. You didn’t roll out of bed, get dressed, get in your car, and drive to this AO in the pouring down rain to only do half reps. If you are then that’s a mental barrier you’ve allowed to creep into your mind and convince you that you’re giving “enough”. Don’t settle for enough. Accelerate. Be better.



Blood Drive – October 17th from 9am to 1:30pm – Rudy has graciously offered pizza and beer if we reach 80 sign-ups. We’ve got a long way to go. If you haven’t signed up, do it. If you have then start working on your M, your neighbors, your co-workers, etc.

IPC Week 4 – Saturday (tomorrow) at Nesbit

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