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Runners are actually athletes! Who knew?

Still confirming with Guinness, but it appears to be a record 17 joggers runners showed up to Pursuit.  Wolverine has taken over as a new Site Q and has started paying guilting PAX into Qing.


  • DCCS given:  The Safety piece is important here . . . Well done on Headlamps and Safety gear
  • Mosey 1 mile to other side of Millbridge with a slight pause for stretching


  • Arringdon Road loop
  • About 800M
  • All you got
  • 2ish minute recovery
  • Repeat x 3
  • Some other 800M loop that was uphill both ways
  • Repeat x 3
  • 400M loop race against partner . . . Loser does 100 burpees
  • 150M loop sprint
  • Repeat
  • Mosey back to COT


  • Running makes you sweat . . . Who knew?
  • Great to see some new guys at Pursuit
    • Ghosted’s first weekday workout
    • Ex-Lax’s first running workout
    • Smithers first time away from LRC
  • Big pack of Ruckers
    • TB showed up despite Ice9’s threats
    • Ice9 rucked with a dead body lot of weight around his neck
    • Great to see Bratwurst back from accident
    • Awesome to see Jingles even though his wife can’t read this
  • Glidah and Wolverine crushed it today


  • Blood Drive
  • Folding Party
  • Open Door

Prayer for Louisville and our injured F3 borthers

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