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Soggy Chutes and Ladders – (not intended for children)

We had an opportunity to test our commitment today and face the rain and weather.   Working out in the cold rain SUCKS and it can be a real motivation killer.  I am proud of the men who chose to show up and push back against the weather… was my honor to be there with you.

Warm up:

15 Side-Straddle-Hops

Forward and Backward Arm Circles  and Triceps strecthes

15 Imperial Walkers

Leg Stretches.

The Thang:

Ladder #1  Merkens and LBC’s (25 reps) step by 5

Bear Crawls & Crawl Bears then Crab Crawls and Crawl Crabs (2 sets)

Dissected Burpees #1 (Squat, Merken, Jack, Jump)  10 reps each

Ladder #2  Captain Thor’s (1:4 ratio) of  Big Boy Situps : American Hammers (we only went to 9:36)

Ladder #3  Thrusters and Speed Skaters (20 reps) step by 5

Ladder #4  Captain Morgans and Kettle Bell Swings (20 reps) step by 5

Dissected Burpees #2 (Squat, Merken, Jack, Jump)  10 reps each

Boxing Jabs with Bricks (20 cadence call) / Canadian Beavers with Bricks (20 reps)   X 2 sets of each

Ladder #5  Coupon Curls and Bent Over Rows  (25 reps) step by 5

Romanian Dead Lifts (10 / leg)

Leg Stretches.


Finished up with Sledge-o-Matic retuning to the group after his 1-hour walk in the rain as he is recovering from a medical procedure.


Blood Drive on Oct 7th?

CPR training next Monday at 6pm at Weddington Methodist

Acknowledgement of today being Nation ITP awareness day.  Turnbuckle’s mom sadly died of this disease in 1999.

Christ Closet needs help on Tues & Thurs.

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