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Progression Post

The Thang

DiCCS given, let’s roll …

Warm up mosey to CHS parking lot and loosen up exercises.  Parking lot warm-up run/exercises.  Champion Forest Burpee/Merkin Mile.  Dangerous run thru the cemetery, roots, trees down, ghosts and spiders too (sorry Easy Button).  But we survived and burst into Lawson for some excruciating exhilarating hill work!  Worked in more merkins, heel touches, speed skaters and a little Alphabet for Mary.  Deep into Lawson territory and the 4th qtr, it was time to set cruise for COT.

Dasher was sneaky quiet today, and rocking the reflective ankle wraps – setting a great example for all PAX, love it!  Whose next to up their reflective game???

Halfback – simply amazing and with one heck of kick at the end, see you at Pursuit brother, no excuses and bring Mad Dog again!

Goodfella says he’s wants to get back in shape, what??? I was struggling to keep up with him on the Burpee/Merkin mile.

Easy Button simply does not know how to stop, even after twisting an ankle in the cemetery, he kept on crushing it.  Hope your ankle is feeling better.

Hollywood was in another (high) gear all morning way out front, pushing the pace after a half-marathon this weekend.  Good work dude.

I have not ran with Carb Load in a while but that guy has clearly been working hard and was crushing it today and always impresses me!

Ice 9 was keeping his distance today (just precaution) today but was heard clearing his throat as he does not know half speed, mosey, recover, etc …. 🙂

Legal zoom had his zoom on today, always right there with the group, clearly pushing the tempo pace with a strong finish.

Big time respect to Mad Dog today, jumping in with Ignition, we put on some mileage today and he handled it like a champ, hill repeats included!  See you at Pursuit!


Felt like we started slow and really built-up as the workout progressed.  Great combination of cardio and strength.  Logged 5+ miles, plus hill repeats and exercises.  And in our last 15 minutes, we were a long way from home.  But Ignition PAX buckled down, mumble chatter at a minimum, and set cruise control for COT.  Nice strong finish guys, especially Half-Back, no half effort there, congrats again for that push!  You guys are all simply amazing.  That was a tough workout (for me anyway) and you guys nailed it.  Thank you for allowing me to lead you this morning, I never take that for granted, being on Q for you guys is always special.


Blood drive – signs up ending real soon.  Rudy’s pizza and beverages offer still stands (nice job Rudy, first class man!)

Fall Marathon is Nov 14.  Get a team together and do a relay with the rest of us.  Located in Marvin, aid stations available, free of charge.  Let’s go.  See Wolverine for details.

Smithers took us out, nice job brother!

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