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Burpees and Hills and Burpees and Hills


Mosey toward ABI and circle up   Kidding, mid-DiCCS….BURPEE TRAIN (perfect today is build-a-burpee day)

The Thang 


Well that was absolutely awful fun.  Now let’s hit all 3 hills and build back to some burpees while we’re at it


First hill – Mosey to ABI


Run to the top 20 in and outs. Back to the bottom 20 merkins. Rinse and repeat. 


Second hill – Mosey to Bad Idea. 


Give it all you got to the top. 20 BH. Mosey to the bottom. Am Hammers while we wait. 


Third hill – Mosey over the bridge and continue to top of KJH. 


First half of ab-web. 1 BB + 4 Am. Hammers


Run to the bottom 20 squats. Back to the top 20 merkins. Rinse and Repeat.


More Burpees… At the top of KJH 5 burpees and hang that right and do 5 burpees at corners back to COT (20 total)


At COT Let’s finish the web and end exactly on time.




2nd Q this week – thank you Carb Load for asking me to lead and right after I accepted, he mentioned that we haven’t hit all 3 hills in a workout in a while so I took his advice. Burpee train only made it suck more sweeter! The only complaints I heard were me whispering the directions a bit low (still working on the difference between my inside and outside voice) but I admit I expected way more complaining on the extra running (especially combining the hills with burpees) but awesome attitude from everyone! After hearing Schneider even up to the last minute pushing people to finish strong had to earn chain of pain, nice work! Haven’t seen Fuse and Recalc in a bit great job pushing. Nice seeing Shake out there. I think he said he joined the Zin curl workout plan. Waxhaw Express guys pushing the front of the pack while I tried to keep up. All in all Great job boys see you next time!



10/17 – Blood drive SIGNUP

11/14 – MArathon Wolverine has details

Most importantly, TELL YOUR FAMILY YOU LOVE THEM. Please keep the Bardo family in your prayers.

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