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Fall CSAUP: Holiday Knockout Challenge

2020, a year for the history books in a lot of ways, has brought a new flavor of CSAUP to the greatest region(s) in all of F3dom.  With larger gatherings of any meaningful size being complete verboten by the talking heads on Capitol Hill, the PAX have had to find other ways to wile out and act the fool.  First we had March Madness, a staple of spring for the last few years.  Then it was April VAO, urging PAX to be consistent despite lockdown and suspended in-person posting options.  Finally we saw the Maycelleration challenge push the PAX to prepare to burst from quarantine with strength and fervor, while also earning bragging rights of 60+ straight days of exertion (90 if you include the perfect records from March Madness).

As YHC considered a fall CSAUP, it became clear that community leadership continues to dissuade large in0-person gatherings.  If all of South CLT is unable to attend… well maybe we keep our CSAUP events virtual.  To that end, I bring you… drum roll please… the first annual HOLIDAY KNOCKOUT CHALLENGE

This is the playoffs boys, a full summer of sweat and tears culminates in the ultimate knock down, drag out you vs. you vs. them challenge.  The playing field is your garage, your living room, your favorite AO, and your nemesis’s front yard.  Two and a half months (give or take) of daily effort will crown the King of Consistency, the Sultan of Sweat, the Poobah of Persistence.  Accessible and approachable by all PAX, this challenge will tell us once and for all, who is winning 2020???

The Thang:

From 10/15/2020 through 10/31/2020 PAX will log daily reps for up to three distinct exercises.  The exercise is up to you, the reps are up to you (mostly, more on that later), but whatever your daily average is on 11/01/2020 will be your target for 11/01/2020 through 12/31/2020.  There will be several “consistency hacks” throughout the contest which will result in PAX missing the requirement to be “knocked out” and removed from the field.  At the end of the year, the PAX who has survived all the cuts AND has the fewest number of days “missed” for ALL THREE exercises, will be awarded the title of 2020 Knockout Champion!!!


-Any PAX who miss any 3 consecutive days OR 8+ days total from 11/1/2020-11/15/2020 will be “cut” on 11/16/2020

-Any PAX who miss any 2 consecutive days OR 6+ days total  from 11/15/2020-11/30/2020 will be “cut” on 12/01/2020

-Any PAX who miss any 2 consecutive days OR 4+ days total from 12/01/2020-12/15/2020 will be “cut” on 12/16/2020

-Any PAX who miss ANY DAYS other than 12/25/2020 (free day) from 12/16/2020-12/31/2020 will be “cut”

*Final Scoring

-In the event of a Tie in the number of TOTAL MISSED DAYS for the remaining PAX on 01/01/2021 will be settled average of all three exercises actual average as a percentage of target.  So if your average actual reps are 105%, 110% and 120% respectively, your tie break score would be 111.67%. So, during the entire contest, the number of reps by which you exceed your daily target will be a factor in your final scoring.  I strongly suspect several PAX will go perfect 100% for days, so I strongly expect this metric will declare the winner.  I know that this could be gamed by sandbagging the first 15 days of the contest to make your target easy… but we would never do that right?

*Other Rules

There are going to be rep minimums as follows:

-Merkins/Dips/Other Arm or Chest focused exercises minimum of 50 daily reps

-Pull-Ups/ Heavy Rows/ High-Pulls or other Shoulder or Back focused exercises are a minimum of 20 daily reps

-LBCs/H2H/Freddy Mercury/American Hammer or other ab focused exercises are a minimum of 80 daily reps

-Air Squats/Lunges/ Other unweighted Leg Focused exercises minimum of 60 daily reps

-Plyometric versions of any of the above (IE explosive merkins, jump squats, sister Mary Katherines) would get a 50% moidfier (so 25 explosive merkins etc.)  Additionally, if you want to add flavor to your life, you could sub out dynamic movement for static (ie jump squats for air squats) and use a 2X multiplier for that day.  For example, if I did 50 exploding merkins instead of 100 standard merkins, I would record 100 merkins in the sheet effectively matching my target.

-Running is an option, minimum daily mileage is 2 miles.  That said you distance runners better pick something you’re NOT good at.

-You have until the end of each consistency hack to enter your reps, but when I open the spreadsheet on the first day of the next wave, if you haven’t recorded it doesn’t count.

-If you’re not sure how many reps your minimum should be, ask the group.  Consensus wins.

-You don’t have to do all three exercises, but you should because then you’ll get stronger.

-If you miss your reps for one exercise, but you get your reps on the other two, it still counts as a missed day.  YOU MUST HIT YOUR REPS ON ALL EXERCISES FOR A DAY TO COUNT


Remember boys, this is you vs. you vs. everyone else.  First and foremost you should be focused on leveraging spirited competition as a way of helping you focus on an area where you want to improve.  Can’t do 5 pull-ups in a row?  This will fix that.  Hate Burpees… well so does everyone else but you could be a sicko and set those as your target (you’ll still hate them, but you’ll be better at them while the hate boils).  Everyone who participates wins, except for the guy who does best and he’ll win just a little bit more.






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