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11 men joined me today on a crisp, 50 degree morning in the “Gloom”. The stars were out and the moon was bright. Not much need for a headlamp but most of us wore one for safety and just in case Mad Dog’s minions came to spy…

We had a couple of Cotters (Catfish and Til Tok) join us today which was great.

DiCCS were delivered so eloquently announcing we would go off campus for a special treat and we were off.


Mosey along Waxhaw – Indian Trail Rd. to other side of campus and circle up for stretching in the bus lot. 20 X IW, Plank up for calf stretch L/R and then Runners Stretches L/R while we observe the beautifully lit sky. 20 X MC and Up/Down Dog.


Mosey to mailbox depot in Bridgemeade.

Run Around perimeter of neighborhood turning into all culdisacs on right. Do 1 X Burpee at each driveway. Total of 47 burpees and a little over a mile travelled.

Mosey back to basketball courts beside playground at school and do Captain Therkin Web.

Mosey to midway between basketball courts and partner up for P1 run to b-ball court at front of school and do 10 X in/outs, P2 run to opposite b-ball court for 10 X Merkins, Run back to midpoint and do 10 knee ups together, R/R X 2 and Mosey back to COT. Done!


Today is the celebration of my 47th completed trip around the sun. What a journey it has been. I’ve done a lot of things I am proud of and some things I’m not so proud of. One thing I do know is that my intentions have always been good but sometimes best intentions don’t always turn out positively.  I won’t go into any detail but my life so far has definitely had its ups and downs. Mostly ups and no complaints from me about the downs. Everything up to this point has taught me a lesson or two, whether good or bad. I love my family, I love my friends, I love my life and that’s all that really matters. Sure I have regrets and sure I wish I was better with finances but all-in-all, I have a pretty awesome life. F3 has been an incredibly positive force in my life since I joined a little over a year ago. I love being a part of all 3 F’s when other commitments allow. We are a force for positivity in our community and we lead the way with our good souls and our “can do” attitude. I especially enjoy being around like-minded men who see the world around them and make it better for everyone they can. Thanks for letting me lead this fine group of men at Watchtower today. I appreciate all of you!



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