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Ignition goes Off Road

So, I thought we would mix things up a little from the normal road running and go off road. Since its been fairly dry all the XC trails were in good shape. Moneyball’s name was brought up because the grass was pretty wet.


100% headlamp compliant.

Mosey down to hit the trail behind the lower soccer field. Wolverine high stepping it so he would not get his shoes wet. Stopped and did some stretching before we hit the wooded part. Goal was to run the first part at a faster pace. Once we popped out of the woods everyone did 25 merkins. Mosey back to do the section again but with 25 squats.
On to the second section which was a little shorter but ended with a large hill. Did 25 merkins after the first one. Mosey around to do second round but played chase the rabbit. Group 1 took off and group 2 had to catch them. That rabbits got murdered.
Moseyed over to up to the retention pond up by the MS and grabbed a rock and ran around the pond and ended with 25 curl to shoulder press to tricep extension. Rinse and repeat x 1.
Continued to follow the course up to the spirit trails. Did a couple laps around the 400 loop with some exercises after each lap. Headed back out of the woods and followed the wood line around to crazy cabin guys house where we did some mike tysons.
Headed back to COT area. When we got back we had 7 minutes left so we did 4 minutes of hill runs off the MS parking lot and ended with a round of Mike Tysons.

4.75 miles and burned about 200 more calories just from running trails.

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