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The American Flag

My 4th Q, My 2nd at Chiseled

I am always excited to Q the Pax but today got me even more pumped, when I showed up FuseBox was sitting up the American Flag and my heart filled with pride.
A Proud American flying our beloved flag, Thank You Fuse Box..

DICCS given, I promised it would loud morning and way we go.


From the COT we did Roundhouse Mosey to get the blood flowing, once back to COT we performed SSH, Merkins, Plank Hold and some Stretching.
Everyone gathered their coupon, riffled walk over to MT Chiseled.

The Thang
Partner up, 1 runs for clock while one performs exercises.
Clock, 1 Lap w/o Coupon, 1 Lap w/Coupon, 2o Big Boys during each lap
Exercise – 100 of  Curls, Press, Bench, Squat and Kettle Swings.

@ 3min mark, Riffled walk Coupons back to COT.


It is always a blessing, honor, and privilege to lead our F3 Paxs.
Brothers, our country means the world to me, I hate to see this divide that we are in.  I pray for this nation and the citizens that she mothers.
F3 helps me keep the faith, God sent FuseBox to fly that flag this morning, it was not coincidences, it is proof, he speaks when you need to hear.

Thank You F3 Brothers.
Gob Bless..
Hi Hat.


  • Blood Drive – October 17th
  • Christ’s Closet folding/give-away nights – Mondays and Thursdays
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