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Week 41 at The Floater

As I was asked yesterday to Q The Floater I was not sure what to do. Which hills do we tackle or no hills? Is it possible to only run down hill at the Floater? As 530 rolled around 14 Pax joined me for a little of this and that. DiCCS was given, the mandatory phones, lights, reflective attire, CPR, and Chapstick were present. For the Gazelles today you can knock out Burpees or circle for the 6 if done first.

We started with a quick Mosey around the church to the animal hospital parking lot for a mix of Side Straddle Hops, Merkins, Stretching, Mountain Climbers, and Imperial Walkers. A quick Mosey to the north end of N Providence St for a little Paula Abdul  (two steps forward one step back) 10 Merkins on the way up, and 10 Squats on the way back. Barny Fife wait no it was Recalculating taking the reins of the form police today reminding everyone that a squat was not a back exercise. As we finished at the brewery we partnered up for 200 LBC, 150 Step Ups, 100 Derkins which was audibled to 200, 100, 75. The other partner ran the loop over the tracks to the bridge and Bear Crawled up the bridge, then Mosey back to swap spots. As everyone finished and the grumblings subsided we Moseyed to the other side of Providence Rd for 20, 15, 10, 5 Dips with a hot lap around the block in between.

As time was called for COT and everyone arrived back I am continued to be impressed by Chatterbox, and Ex-Lax. There never stop, never quit, never complain mentality has been noticed and impressive as they continue to get stronger and faster day after day, week after week. Everyone pushed hard and stayed safe, we continue to cross the roads together. It is great seeing the increase in reflective gear and headlamps. All complaints about the workout can go to management Carb Load, and Shake N Bake they will properly dispose in the garbage.



  • Legalized packing party Sunday, info on Groupme
  • Blood Drive 10/17 in Waxhaw, still plenty of spots, sign up or we may lose spots.
  • Floater looking for Qs and will start Voluntelling Pax when they will Q.
  • Continue to keep Hightower, his family, and F3 Grandstrand in your prayers.
  • SOB Q school this Saturday at Best Buy/Petsmart parking lot 6:30 info on Slack.
  • Hoppy Hour next Thursday 10/15 more info to come on Groupme.

YHC took us out.

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