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ClyentDinner – Introducing the 6th Man


  • New tradition we are starting to implement in F3 Waxhaw
  • GOAL:  Get to know some of the PAX a little better
  • IDEA:  In COT, the PAX who is #6 in the count, gives his “FNG speech” (30-ish seconds)
    • How long has he been doing F3?
    • Who brought him out?
    • What does he do for work/fun?
    • How did he get his nickname?
  • ASK:  Please remember to do this at each COT

13 Clyents showed up to Dinner to enjoy some football and tennis on a “Kids eat free” night.  Lots of bitching banter from Wrigley about the injuries from his co-Site Q’s chefs.  He has had to prepare the dinners all alone lately.


  • DCCS:  The Head Waiter instructed the group about the amount of traffic at the school
  • Grab a friend:  Each PAX got their own souvenir tennis ball for them to keep with them the entire workout
  • Mosey with some exercises to 7 reps and/or 3 reps


  • Stuffed Chest with a side of Legs
  • Merkins on the tennis ball
  • Exercises with Rocks
  • Tennis ball fetch:  Partner races with throwing/retrieving tennis balls while P2 does exercises
  • Lightpole race:  P1 does wall work while P2 runs to various spots . . . Loser does burpees


  • Ab work
  • Sprint to COT


  • Awesome to see some 2.0s
    • It started out a little dicey with the kids talking and not working out but they hunkered down and put in some hard work
    • NOTE OF CAUTION:  This is still a workout and not F3 Dads.  Be sure your kid comes ready to workout first.  We will try and incorporate some fun but no adult is going to keep coming back to F3 if there are kids fooling around and/or there isn’t a good workout.
  • Wrigley is doing a great job as Site Q:  Well done keeping the site unique and welcoming
  • Centerfold showed off his latest masterpiece . . . A Chicago-style Cinderblock with more detail than an annual report . . . Sharp looking
  • Baio is quietly becoming one of the faster PAX . . . Time for him to start showing up at Ignition, Swarm . . . And is there a Q in his future?
  • Drive By continues to push hard . . . Even with his injuries, he doesn’t complain
  • Chatterbox is ALL IN on F3 . . . He is posting 8 days a week, involved in all 3 Fs already . . . Well done!  Love having you part of the group
  • Chastain is a true HIM . . . Always helping out and encouraging PAX . . . He even brought two extra 2.0s from another PAX
    • On a related note, does sending your two 2.0s to a workout count as a post for you? #WhereIsFloppyDisk?


  • Kudos to Wrangler for giving his 6th Man speech . . . His hospital name is Levi so that is how he got his name


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