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I know how to use a camera!

Quick DiCCS and were off


Mosey to flag pole circle up

15 SSH

Calf stretch

15 MC

15 Merkins

Jimmy Dugan


The Thang

Partner up Gazelle with Clydesdale 

Run around full flag pole island in opposite directions and do 7s. You will meet twice per lap so alternate exercise each time, 6 full laps

6 T merkins

1 burpee

down to 1 T merkin and 6 burpees


Mosey to first corner for 4 corners

20 of each



Heels to heaven 

Big boy


end at COT


Great work today boys! Little bit of running (gazelles got about 4 miles) and those heels to heaven sucked. The thought behind this one was for Gazelles to get their miles and Clydesdales to push past their norm which we accomplished. Nice to see Zin back from his beercation, I think he is a Clydesdale now? Shake gave me the “don’t let me catch you” right at the end and after that I was real close to spilling some merlot. Sugar Daddy needs to get out to some Ignition workouts! And only had a couple workouts with Bayo but that guys fast! Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself Penalty Box, who knew he was an NHL all-star? Chain of pain to Sledge, was between him and Popeye, I know what it’s like being a Clydesdale at a Gazelle workout yet I see you guys pushing hard every time – Great Job! Thank you all for letting me lead you guys today.



This THURSDAY 10/15 – Convergence at Indian Land, let’s steal this flag!

This SATURDAY 10/17 – Blood drive….enough already, sign up or you’re a terrible person



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