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Dark Places

Nice, cool morning for a workout. Fifty-something degrees and remained that way until the end. 25 PX joined YHC for what turned out to be a dark web with a twist… And 5 MASHers were there hoisting their blocks over and over to develop that physique we all wish we had.


Mosey around student lot and circle up near lot entrance for 20 x ssh, 20 x IW, Plank, Up/Down Dog, Calf Stretch L/R with runner stretch L/R mixed in. Back to Downward Dog. “Namaste”


Mosey to opposite corner near football stadium and begin Dark Web (with a twist). All exercises done in 1:2 ratio

start with 1 BBSU:2 AH, Merkin:Air Press, Jump Squat:Bonnie Blair, Burpee:SSH and afternoon each circuit run to opposite side of parking lot. Repeat each circuit all the way up to 10:20. Shewww that was a killer and a time eater. (The twist was that there isn’t supposed to be any running between circuits but I decided it would be kind of boring to stay in the same spot for 20 minutes. (Thank High Hat for the suggestion…)

Line up separates by parking spaces and do Merkincide ladder across parking lot Starting at 1 and ending with 5 on the center island. Repeato and replace Merkins with Squats. Time!

head to COT to hook up with MASH for Countorama.

All in all a solid workout for everyone. Gazelles were stabled and the Clydesdales got a little bit of running. PAX stayed together and we hit all the major muscle groups and got a little sweaty in the process.

I appreciate the opportunity to lead as always and hope to do it again soon. Chain of Pain earned by Bounce House for keeping up with the big boys out there today. Way to push little man!



Convergence at Arsenal tomorrow to try to outnumber other regions and capture the Ghost Flag

Blood Drive this Saturday

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