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Catch the mist, catch the myth

8 modern day warriors strode into Cerberus.  Their minds were not for rent.  It was a fine assemblage of pax, so be careful what you say about this company, as it would also say something of society.

They knew changes aren’t permanent, that’s why they continue to post.  No FNG’s in this group – though Smuggler & Bypass are relatively new to the south Charlotte gloom.  Keep posting, men.

All the pax caught the witness, caught Alf’s wit, caught the F3 spirit, and might’ve caught YHC’s spit (aka the snot rockets I was hurling as we ran the parking deck ramps).

Really not clear on what Neil Peart, Geddy Lee et al were trying to convey.  I do know my next FNG name will be Tom Sawyer…because: why not?

Reason for the references to my favorite Canadian rock band is that Udder’s brother was blasting some Rush as he screamed at the pay-for-play crowd in the parking deck this morning.

So below is a bit of Thang but mostly Moleskinny:

Swimmers was late, not Floorslapper late but after 0530.  We waited, nonetheless.  #cobains

Good to learn Bypass is also from the Heartland, Alf went for the dig right after YHC asked “which part of Indiana are you from?”  Well played, Alf.

So we ran some ramps, did a Triple Nickel and a Jacob’s Ladder.  Taught most of them the Walther N’Djaiye.

No idea how much ground we covered.  Didn’t start my watch.  Not much ground covered.  Fair amount of Mary mixed in with ramp running, some donkey kicks (hadn’t called those in a long time).

Some other observations from this morning’s mean, mean striding:

One Star and TL can call out some cadence.  T-claps…though One Star struggled with the math a bit…you sure you got schooled in the Ivy League?  I have heard they’re next-to-impossible to get into but easy once you’re in 😉

Smuggler was an FNG roughly 2 weeks ago.  EH’d by One Star who apparently failed to post for Smuggler’s FNG downpainment.  Good work out there Smuggler.  Keep at it, brother!

Ironsides is a huge Rush fan and said he has a concert t-shirt signed by the entire band….he was also going on about Tom Sawyer having attended Appalachian State for a couple years.

Ok.  That’s it.  That’s the backblast.  I like backblasts, and also since Waxhaw requires backblasts, preferably 2 for every workout, I figured I better post one.

Wait a minute.  This 3-headed dog known affectionately as Cerberus – is that SOB, A51 & Waxhaw or is Union County the third head?  Who cares.  Good work men.  Now go serve and love others and die to that selfishness that rises up in all of us.  Aye!

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