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Leading from the 6

This morning was not looking so great when the alarm went off at 4:40am and I heard the clatter of rain pelting my roof and sides of the house. “Guess we’re gonna get a little wet today”… “Maybe no one will show up for 5:15 Swarm kick-off and I can come back home and go to bed…?” Nope!  Rolled in to Cutty around 5:01 and Wolverine was right behind me to get in a little pre-run before the workout. Then Dasher, then Easy Button then Ice9 roll in almost as if they caravanned.  “Oh well. I guess we’ll be running in the rain anyway” Got out of the truck with about 1 minute before kick-off, did a quick DiCCS and the 5 of us were off.

Warmorama: Quick mosey to Crazy-Pajama-Guy-Island and then turn around and go back following the front drive of the schools. We circled up in the Driver’s Ed parking lot for – 20 X IW, Plank for what seemed like forever, L/R Calf Stretch, L/R Lunge Stretch (reach for the sky), Up/Down Dog and plank for a few more forevers.


Mosey to corner of upper student lot and do 4 corners elevator by 5’s up to 25 and back down to 5. Each corner do called exercise/reps for each lap – Burpee X 5, Bonnie Blair X 10, Merkin X 15, Dry-Docks X 20, Flutters X 25, American Hammers X 20, Low Slow Squats X 15, Big Boy Sit Up X 10, Mike Tyson X 5.  Completed 9 total laps and Moseyed back to COT around front of schools at what was supposed to be an 8:00 pace but ended up more in the 7:00 range (Thanks 49ers club for pushing the pace there)…  Ended up rolling into COT with 3:00 to go so had to extend our Mosey to the sidewalk around to Rudy’s Palace and then turn around at the 1:30 mark.   Done!

All 5 PAX pushed hard and embraced the rain. (Running in wet shoes sucks, by the way…) There is a new sub-group in Waxhaw called the 49ers club, today’s club members: Dasher, Ice9 & Wolverine, proving “Age ain’t nuttin butta numbah” since they led the way the entire time.  We also had a bonus today that I haven’t heard in a while as Ice9 started his heaving/coughing/(whatever the heck that sound is he makes) at the final 1:30 Mosey, (SUCCESS!) .  Great leading this fine group of men. Even if it means I will be in the 6 the whole time…  Always a pleasure and glad everyone showed up to show out.

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