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5 Men Folk didn’t want to have to hear a 6th Pax yammer on about themselves in COT, so they posted to Homecoming to work instead of talk.
You, too, can enjoy the freedom from speech by posting at Homecoming where no one counts as the 6th Man. **

This was a last-minute Q for me. I’m not blaming anyone. And with threats of rain, I had to make 2 plans: one under the 5 acres of covered porticos OR a daring plan to get to the high school. Why daring? Last week’s Wolverine Q had us pass by the freshly installed gate at one end of the bridge connecting the high school with the (off-limit) athletic facilities. It was OPEN! We didn’t have time to change course then, so I returned this morning to find the gate still open! And there were other gates opened, too! #OctoberSurprise
With seconds to go, I ditched the porticos for a promise of Ol’ Commitment.

The MF’in Warm Up

The Men Five run to the top of the MS entrance
Only 2 of us with headlamps, so I lead & Das Boot runs the 6 on the road until we get to the gated entrance on Deal Rd.
Imperial Walkers
Run to the gate
5 trees between the gate & the brick pile – do 2 Open The Gates at each tree each leg

Pick a brick. Different size bricks with different amount of holes. More holes clearly mean more weight has been taken out of the brick, right? Fruit Loop & Das Boot choose the 5 holers & the rest of the Mighty Fit choose 3 holers.
Moroccan Night Club
Bent Over Flys
something else. Das was crying, so we put the bricks back.

The gate to the stadium was open! Ran to the home side.
Down & up each set of steps with gas pumps at the top.
At the other side of the stands, we had to undo any work there by going back through, this time with American Hammers at the top of each step.

Mosey to the concession stand to find the finest wall in all of the U. Where I first learned my Dip, Derkin, Step Up combo. My Fellow Pax, never pass up this opportunity!
Step Ups

Mosey to the bridge with the wide-open gate. It caught me in all the feels – nostalgia, naughty B&E, astonishment, pride. Still have a tightness in the chest thinking about it (could be the angina; not sure).
Bear Crawl across it, like we used to do.
Das, Honeycomb, & FL all go to the same church. Up to this point, they’ve been literally chatting it up the whole time. I’ve been upfront the whole time, but they’re talking like they’re at Neighborhood Watch. Nothing I’m doing seems to make them breathe heavy!
I’m trying to both enjoy & hate these bear crawl moments when lead Mumblechatter Facilitator Honeycomb BC’s up to me & starts asking for the names, ages, genders, & academic affiliations of my 2.0’s. I’m gasping for air, my shoulders are smoked, my hammies are on fire, & you’re curious about my MF’in kids?!?!? I answer, but I don’t remember if I got it right. If he asks about my 38-year-old daughter with twins next week, I probably should correct him.

The MF’in Thang

Grab a heavy running rock.
We started in the middle of the 1st parking row. Do 20 military presses. Then a la Serpentine of Doom, run with the rock to the middle of the next row for 20 more military presses. Continue until we get to the back of the parking lot. The last 2 rows I was saying plenty of words that began with MF. And still, DasFruitComb keep chattin’ it up!

Go back from whence we came, this time, 20 upright rows at each end.
Return your rocks EXACTLY where you found them. WHS tags, catalogs, & fingerprints every rock here in the largest rock pile of Union County (probably the world).

Grab some wall for air presses & pushes.

Mosey back to the bridge where we Crawl Bear it. As if we were never there. Major props to The Boot for being determined to CB the whole bridge!

Tried to take a short cut through the tennis court gates, but they were still locked. Did some fence squats just to emulate some prison time if the AD catches us here in the daylight.

Mosey to the wall for some In & Outs.

Mosey to the 1st tree to Close the Gates on the way back.

Jump Squats at the gate

Mosey to Deal Rd. for Imperial Walkers

Mosey to MS entrance for SSH

Empty the tank back to COT. That was all this Majorly Fast Das needed to release his hounds. Poor thing had been chained up all morning in the back. Now he got to channel his inner chicken run.


There’s this cool calendar being created on the side. You should totally check it out:
It lists ALL the events going on in the 3-5 contiguous regions that are NOT regular workouts. That’s where you can find more info about the following announcements:


Thanks to fellow intra-region Site Q Das Boot for participating today as if he was co-Site Q with me! Seeing what he did in the 1st 5 minutes of the workout told me that I could push the workout as hard as I could knowing he would take care of everything else. Thank you, brother.

Honeycomb’s chatty happiness throughout the workout just got my goat. Before I even took us out, I whipped out my calendar and found the next Saturday he could Q. That’s this Saturday, 10/24. I’m half excited, half scared of what this Mumble & Fit Paxer will do. Clearly more than what I did.

Big ups to Sledge. Making the commitment (not THAT one) to get back on the running train as he continues to heal. So proud of how this man continues to push! I wish I knew more about what makes him tick. But unless he becomes the 6th man somewhere, I’m afraid I’ll never know about this MASH Former Pax.

First time meeting up with Fruit Loop. It became just the two of us at coffeeteria afterward. Normally that would be a source of Massive Fear, I’ve gotten better, but thanks to my Shield Lock, with being willing to go as deep as someone wants to go in 1:1 conversations. It was a great time! Even had a walk by with Showgirl.

After over 5 years, I’m still getting opportunities to grow so I see less MF’ers and More Friends.

**Potential exception: when Nantan posts & there are more than 5 Pax & he talks about it beforehand. Otherwise, you’re good.

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