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43 Burpees for Week 43 at Asylum

Turning 43 on week 43 lets start off right at Asylum on this nice crisp fall morning. Where would we go, what would we do its anyone’s guess as 5:15 rolls around. I did know we would work in 43 Burpees throughout the workout, hey if I have to do them you will join me in the fun. DiCCS were given and we were off.  Beginning with a short Mosey to the doctors office for some SSH, Merkins, Calf Stretch, Mountain Climbers, Imperial Walkers, and yep Burpees.

Starting the Thang with a trip behind Chick-Fil-A we added another 5 burpees.  Alternating a Bear Crawl and Lunge Walk with 5 Dry Docks between every other tree to the circle. At the circle yep 5 more Burpees, while we welcomed Posse to the party. We then completed a Paula Abdul (2 up 1 back) Merkins and LBC down the front of Target. Once completed yep 5 more Burpees. Then a Mosey up to the drive at Petsmart for yep, 5 more Burpees.   Then a Mosey to the front of Petsmart running backwards across the front, oh wait did I mention 5 more Burpees. Then Toe Taps on the curb 1/2 way down with a jail break to the far curb and a backwards run for a return. Finishing the Toe Taps was another jail break across the front of Petsmart. Then you guessed it 5 more Burpees, with a Mosey down to Blackwood Ln and 5 more Burpees. Then 10 Big Boys at the bottom, and 10 squats back at the intersection for 5 trips. Once completed yep 5 more Burpees then a Mosey back around the rear of Petsmart and ending in front of Hickory Tavern.  At the planter we completed 20 Derkins, 20 Dips, 20 Derkins. Time was called we headed back to COT.

Everyone pushed it today and got in a good workout starting the week off right, and stayed safe. Asylum begins at 5:15 for a certain Pax that could use a reminder. Fuse was the 6th man in line today sharing how he EH’d himself after hearing about F3 on the news and looking to break the plateau on his transformation 3 years ago, thank you for sharing.



  • SOB Blood Drive this Friday, info on Slack
  • Open Door bible study will have a nightly session, same message each night for a week (book of James).
  • Christ Closet folding this evening, with giveaways Thursday evening and Saturday morning.

Tomorrow Qs

  • Bushwood – Big Ben on Q
  • Watchtower – Dasher on Q
  • MASH at Bushwood
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